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Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm Back for Saturday Spankings!

I haven't visited Saturday Spankings for a while but I'm really glad to be back.  It's been a long time between drinks but I finally have something new to share. I'm also looking forward to reading everyone else's snippets.

The snippet I've chosen today is lighthearted. Things are not always as fluid and perfect as we'd like them to be in real life, especially when we've had a couple of drinks.

When she turned, Cliff was naked, except for his socks and a tangled pair of jeans at his ankles. He grabbed at one side and then the other, hopping up and down while he did an indelicate dance of desperation, trying to free himself from his denim trap. 
Sage giggled, wanting to help but not quite knowing what she could do.
“Funny is it?” he asked with shortened breath.
“Pretty much.” Sage jumped when his hand shot out and slapped her naked bottom. She was still smiling though. “Ooh, that hurt.”


 “That—does—it.” Cliff advanced on Sage with purpose.
She backed slowly away but his intention was shining clearly in his eyes. “I wasn’t going to shoot you; I was just trying to scare you away.” She panicked and her voice rose an octave.
“Save it.”
The phone rang again and she took a step towards it.
“That’s the last thing you want to do.”
“I have to get it; it might be important.”
Cliff was on her now. He turned her around and bent her over the well padded sofa. “I’m going to go with the gut instinct I had when I first read this stupid want ad, I’m going to spank some sense into your stubborn backside. Then we’re going to talk, and listen to each other and you are going to tell me the truth, otherwise we’ll start again right here.”
Sage struggled, trying desperately to get away. “Stop, you can’t do this.”
“Now that’s funny, seems to me like I already am doing this.” His left arm pinned her firmly while his right arm took aim. He ignored her protests and dodged her kicking feet as he brought his hand down sharply on the seat of her jeans. “There are so many reasons I want to spank you right now that I can’t count,” he said, his hand still bouncing off her wriggling rear.
“Go ahead then, doesn’t bother me, when you’re done, I’ll still have to do what I have to do.” Sage kept fighting even though she knew her struggles were futile.
“Keep it up.”
“That’s it?” Every smack was thudding heavily but she couldn’t really say it was hurting her very much, except for the irreparable damage that was being done to her assaulted pride. “That’s all
you got?” Maybe if he realized this was pointless, he would stop.
“No, clearly if you’re still smarting off you need more; or maybe your pants are just too thick.”
Seriously? Did the man read minds? “No, they’re not.” Sage let go of the cushions she’d been clutching and tried to hang onto the waist band of her jeans but she was too late, he’d already unbuttoned and unzipped them and they were going south. All she could do was try and keep her panties up but it seemed he had no intention of removing those anyway. His hand was once again
clapping off her now burning bottom and the thin layer of her underwear was no protection at all.
“Please, Cliff, please, it hurts.” It really did, she hated though that she was such a baby with pain.

Why couldn’t she just stick it out without giving in?



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  1. Loved the snippet, Constance, and welcome back. I'd say Cliff definitely has his hands full with Sage, especially since she still has no intention of backing down.

  2. I was just wondering where you'd been recently. Glad to see you around again!
    Enjoyed the snippet!

  3. This is one I need to read. What want add? Never mind, I'm off over to Amazon to find out

  4. I do love mixing humor in a spanking story. It makes it all seem real. This book is right up my alley.

    1. I do too PL. Thanks so much :)

    2. PK, sorry typing om my lap and the keys moved lol.

  5. I love humor in a book, and coupled with spanking it's even better-good job!

  6. Loved it! Especially the "that's all you got?" part. Very unwise to say that right in the middle of a spanking!

  7. How cute! Love the dialogue and humor infused into a sexy spanking.

  8. Welcome back! Sounds like someone is in for a bright red backside - and I feel her pain LOL! Great snippet.

  9. Welcome back! Love this dialogue - it's great!


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