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Friday, May 31, 2013

Saturday Spankings!

This week week I’m posting from Double Trouble again. After Becky tearfully explained to Ryan why Tracy’s fall was all her fault she insists that he spank her.

“Ryan!” she said surprised. “Tracy would never have fallen if it wasn't for me. It was all my fault.”
“You handled a lot of things badly today.” He said weighing his words carefully. “But you didn't push Tracy.”
“I NEED this.” Becky said, her eyes filled with overflowing tears. “I need you to make me feel normal again, happy. I was so out of control that I scared myself and I don't want to ever feel like that again. I need to feel better. I need to feel like I'm not a terrible person.”
Ryan sighed. “Ok.” he said. “But I'm only using my hand. You already had the belt last night honey. Another thing? There's no way that you have ever been a terrible person.”


BECKY'S LAST CHANCE AMAZON                                                  





Friday, May 24, 2013

Saturday Spanking Time Again

This week for Saturday Spanking’s I’m sharing Double Trouble the sequel to Becky’s Last Chance. Last week Ryan walked into the bedroom to find that Becky had put herself into the corner. Today I’m continuing on from there.

He crossed the room in a few seconds and scooped her up into his arms.
“Honey what's wrong?” he said. “Please, you have to talk to me. Tell me what all this is about.”
“You have to spank me.” she said.
He held her close on his lap and tried to warm her with his own body, she was shivering, but he couldn't tell whether it was from cold or because she was so upset. “Why do I need to spank you Becky? What do you think you've done?” He gathered up a throw rug from the end of the bed and wrapped it around her.
“It. Was. All. My. Fault.” she sobbed. “She. Fell. Because of me.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

Saturday Spankings!

This time for Saturday Spankings I thought I would share another spanking from Double Trouble. This time though it’s Becky herself that needs and wants to be spanked. She can’t stand her step mother and blames her for taking her Daddy away. When her Dad and Tracy (the step mother) come to visit they hope to make things right with Becky before breaking the news that they are expecting a baby. Becky pushes Tracy away at every turn until it all reaches a head. Becky accidentally bumps Tracy who tumbles down the stairs. Although Ryan sees what happened as an accident Becky is filled with guilt and doesn’t know what to do with her emotions.

Ryan got rid of the food that'd been sitting out of the fridge. By the time he'd cleaned up and set about making them a light snack, it'd been nearly an hour. Still no sign of Becky. He decided he better go and check if she'd fallen asleep. He opened their bedroom door and stood there dumbfounded.Becky?” he said. “What's all this?”

He couldn't believe his eyes. Becky was standing in the corner naked and sobbing.  

If he'd sent her there to wait for a spanking she would be shifting nervously from foot to foot while she played with her hair, probably concocting a way to try and talk herself out of a punishment. Not this time. This time she was perfectly still, except for her shoulders that were shaking because she was crying. His eyes were drawn to the bed where she'd laid out an arsenal of implements. He didn't understand, this was not his wife's usual behaviour at all.

Friday, May 10, 2013

It’s That Time Again! Saturday Spankings :)

Today for my spanking excerpt I’m choosing something out of one my new WIP so no blurb yet. This is from a story tentatively titled  'The Grass Could Be Greener'. This story is a take on one of the television programs where two wives swap families and lives for two weeks. One of the couples,  Sarah and Joe live in a domestic discipline relationship. This scene is where Sarah starts to worry a bit about her husband maybe spanking the new wife. He decides to put her mind to rest by showing her the difference.

 Each word was punctuated with a smack that made her eyes blink and her pussy twitch wantonly. She didn't know if it was Joe's bossy voice or the spanking itself but draped over his knee getting spanked soundly always made her want him. None of that changed the fact that her behind was sizzling.
I get it!” she wailed. “You can stop now!”No, I have to make sure.” he said, his hand still bouncing off her bottom.“THAT'S how I would spank a stranger."

Suddenly the spanks stopped and Sarah sucked in a cleansing breath.

 Her relief was short lived though as her pyjamas headed south. “But you're finished.” she said trying to turn around but a large hand pressed her back down and remained on the small of her back.
Not yet.” he said. “You're my wife.”Ow.” she cried “I know.”I'm not sure that you do.” he said. “You're my real wife.” His hand bounced off her now very pink and naked bottom although they had slowed a little to a steady pace.
Ok.” she sniffled.You're the only wife I will ever spank like this.” His slapped her bottom hard and low across both quivering cheeks.
I believe you.” Those were the words he appeared to be waiting for because he stopped. She sighed with pleasure as the hand that had punished now rubbed out the sting. “Ahhh.” she breathed with contentment as Joe slipped a finger between her cheeks. 

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