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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Spanking Time Again!

Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spanking bloggers post eight sentences of spanking fiction. Today I’m continuing from where I left off two weeks ago with Double Trouble, the sequel to my first novella Becky’s Last Chance.

We’ve skipped a little bit where Kendall and Mike are talking downstairs and headed straight to Becky and her explanation.

Where's the car now?” Ryan asked.I had it towed.” she admitted quietly. Ryan nodded. “You can give me the name later and I'll have them send it back to the place I bought it.”
I AM sorry.” Becky said, big fat tears running down her face.
I've never been more angry with you.” Ryan said.

I know. I know it was your new car and I know you told me not to touch it.”

You really think my main concern is about the car?” he said. 

“Becky you could have been killed. Kendall could have been killed. There could have been innocent people that were injured or killed. You KNOW better. You could have gone to jail. Do you have any idea what kind of position this puts Mike in?”
Becky couldn't stem the tears or the sobs that accompanied them.“I'm so sorry.” Becky sniffled. “I don't want you to hate me.”

I could never hate you.” Ryan said. Some of his anger dissipated with those words but the disappointment was still there. “I can't believe you did this. You drove after you'd been drinking.”

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guess Who’s On My Blog Today? PATRICIA GREEN talking about erotica writers and her latest book!

What Makes An Erotic Writer Tick?

I feel very privileged today to have Patricia Green as a guest on my blog! She is a very talented writer that I’m sure you will enjoy getting to know. Today she’s here to talk about her latest book Journey’s End, the sixth in her Journey Family series.  She’s also going to let us in on a little of what makes an erotica writer tick…

Please giver her a warm welcome :)

Erotica Writers and Erotic Lives

by Patricia Green

First, I'd like to thank you, Constance, for having me over today. It's always a pleasure to meet new people like your readers.

Erotica writers must be twenty-five year old models or superstars who are keeping themselves anonymous by using a pen name and a clever disguise. Well, that's what a lot of people think. But the fact is, erotica writers are just like everyone else. They are all ages, all sizes, from all walks of life, with husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends (sometimes more than one), with kids, without kids, employed, unemployed, disabled or exercise buffs. The things they have in common are a fertile imagination and a desire to make the reader excited. No one writes published erotica without thinking about how it will affect the reader.
Like all kinds of fiction writers, erotica writers are going for a reaction. Not just any reaction, but one that makes the readers' toes curl and a blush steal over her cheeks. Sometimes, it makes them squeeze their legs together, or hide their private parts under a pillow. Oo, la, la! The point is the reaction. We never want you to be bored or skip over the sexy bits to get to the "good parts." And, although we want there to be a story, too, to us the "good parts" include the erotic content.
Where do erotica writers get their inspiration? Do they all have phenomenal sex lives? You'd have to ask a lot of erotica writers for honest answers to Kinsey-esque questions. But, exactly like their variations in social status and family life, I'm betting there is a complete spectrum of sexiness among erotica writers. Some are more intimate than sexy. A few are crazed sex maniacs. Most are somewhere in the middle, with healthy sex lives that are influenced by everyday events. When the kids are sick, the sex life goes on hiatus, but the intimacy continues (we hope). Intimacy doesn't always mean sex. It often means a glance and a shy smile, or holding hands on the couch, or sharing a spoonful of crème brulée. Many of these things find their way into erotica, especially erotic romance. Intimacy is the ultimate in romantic. And sex, for an erotic writer, can be wild and crazy or slow and steady. If he's a good erotic writer, there will be a mix in his book, as there is in real life relationships. Even one night stands are often a mixed up melding of styles meant to excite the primitive urges.
The bottom line is that you don't have to live an erotic life to write erotica. You have to have an imagination, the desire to make the reader feel something special, and a strong grasp of what intimacy and romance are. The writer might not be interested in romance, but she has to know what qualifies. There are some pretty dirty stories out there, and they certainly can be erotic under the right circumstances, but not every one will move you. If one does, it's a keeper, meant to be dog-eared and marked up and a sexy friend for life.

Latest release: Journey’s End, the sixth book in the Journey family series.

Here's the blurb:

Well-loved housekeeper and substitute mama, Consuelo, is hospitalized in this sixth of the Journey family books. The Journey family is torn up about it, especially Leo Journey, patriarch of the clan.
Leo’s extreme upset trickles through the family, and causes a rift between his eldest son Ace and him, that has everyone worried about the fate of Journey’s End, the family ranch. All the siblings rally around to try to fix this breach and get Journey’s End and Ace and Leo back on track. They can’t help wondering why Leo is so much more emotional than they’ve seen since their mother died some twenty years before.
Throughout it all, the Journey siblings and their mates share the deep love and affection that is so much a part of the Journey way of living. And, somehow, there’s always someone needing a good, hard spanking, often followed by good, hard loving.
Join the Journeys for this series conclusion. Find out what happens at Journey’s End.

An excerpt is here

Buy links are:

Patricia Green is a fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She hopes to provide the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. She’s the author of about 20 published products.

Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to crochet, read, and watch hockey.
You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:

Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It’s THAT Time Again! Saturday Spanking Time!!!

   Saturday Spankings!

Today is the day of the week where Saturday Spanking bloggers post eight sentences of spanking fiction. Today I’m continuing from where I left off two weeks ago with Double Trouble, the sequel to my first novella Becky’s Last Chance.

I missed last week so just this once I’m going to cheat just a little just a bit so I can set the scene for next week. Hope you don’t mind. 

When we left the story last time, Becky and Kendall had been caught and were heading home with Ryan and Mike to face the music.

While the girls are showering, the neighbour calls over and lets Ryan in on some of what happened the night before.

“Hi,” Kendall said sheepishly. “I feel a bit better now.”
She looked a lot better, if somewhat younger. She hadn't bothered to reapply her makeup and with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail she looked like a kid, Mike thought. “Uh huh. Maybe you'd like to tell me what on Earth went on while I was away,” he said.
“Um... not so much,” Kendall said with a nervous grin.
“Let me rephrase that then. What the hell happened while we were away?” Mike barked.
Kendall jumped. Mike looked serious and he obviously wasn't budging until he got an answer. She didn't get a chance to answer though before Ryan flew through the kitchen and up the stairs.
“Let the fireworks begin,” she said dejectedly. 

* * *

Becky nearly jumped right out of her naked skin when the door bounced just about off the hinges and Ryan stood glowering at her from the doorway. He was clearly furious.
Becky felt sick. She wasn't scared. She knew that Ryan would never touch her while he was so angry. The fact that her time for explaining had arrived though, hit her like a ton of bricks.
“Where's the new car?” Ryan asked.
Becky promptly burst into tears. “Not here,” she wailed. “I tried to tell you, you wouldn't let me.”
“Tell me now,” Ryan said through gritted teeth. He didn't give a damn about the car, well he did but not as much as he cared about his wife, which was why he'd told her not to touch it until he got back. He hadn't told her once, he'd told her many times, and she'd promised.
Becky stood there naked, big burning tears coursing down her cheeks. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make herself form the words.
Ryan reached over and turned off the water and wrapped her in a towel before leading her into their room. He sat on the bed and sat her down beside him.
“You have to tell me,” he said as calmly as he was able. Images had flashed through his mind: of the gate, of the state the girls were in when they found them wandering down the road. The information John had given him had brought all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Still he wanted to hear it and he wanted to hear it from Becky's mouth.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Horny Hump Day !!!

Horny Hump Day!   13th March, 2013

This is my first Horny Hump Day so I hope I get it right….

The three sentences I’ve chosen are from my latest book My House, My Rules.  Alex is reading one of Jay’s books for the first time and she likes what she reading…She likes it a lot!

Alex rubbed her already swollen and throbbing clit, lubricated with her own juices that poured out of her as she read Jay's stern ramblings. When she saw the word spanking there in print, sparks of tingly pleasure pinged through her. She pushed her panties out of the way so her fingers could delve further into aching pussy.

Buy List for My House, My Rules 

Please  take a minute to go and explore the other entrants.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Come and Join the Saturday Spanking Blog Hop!

Saturday Spankings Time Again!

If you haven’t joined us before, the idea of Saturday Spankings is for each blog to post eight sentences or less of their spanking fiction for your enjoyment.

For the last couple of weeks my eight sentences have been from Double Trouble, the sequel to my first novella Becky’s Last Chance. I’m going to continue that this week. 

I can explain.” Becky said. She really wanted to tell him about his new car before they got home but he was having none of it. He took the bottle of water that Mike held out for him and passed it to her.
Drink, there'll be time to explain later.”
But nothing.” Ryan said. “Look at the state the two of you are in, and you were wandering the street like that. You need to get home and eat something and have some tea and a shower. Then we'll talk and believe me I will be all ears.”

Becky sipped the water and resisted the urge to keep pushing. Instead she curled into the crook of Ryan's welcoming arm and absorbed the feeling of safety and warmth that he always gave her.

If you think this is all taking too long to get to the spanking part let me know and I’ll post an excerpt tomorrow. I don’t want to go over the eight sentences. I could skip bits but then it wouldn’t make sense…maybe

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Spankings

It’s time to come and get you free spanking snippets!

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  Authors are going to present eight sentences of their spanking fiction. This week my eight sentences are from Double Trouble, the sequel to my first novella Becky’s Last Chance.

Last week Becky and Kendall got caught trying to hobble home to Becky’s house after their eventful night out.  Today we see what happens next.

 Ryan took off at a run towards Becky and she did the only thing she could think of, the only thing she wanted to do, she held out her arms. At this moment, all she wanted was a hug. Ryan scooped her off the ground and swung her around before putting her down again so her could look at her, check if she was ok.
What on earth's happened? Are you ok? Did someone hurt you?” His questions came thick and fast and all Becky could do was sob into her husband's shoulder.
No.” she said, finally able to squeak out a negative response.
Then what's all this? What are you wearing, or not wearing?” Suddenly it dawned on him that the girls hadn't gotten changed yet. They had actually gone out last night dressed like hookers. She felt him stiffen and he said nothing more. 

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