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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Spankings Time!

This is my first Saturday Spankings in a while. I've been madly trying to finish my story for the Corbins Bend Series, Leading The Way. I am about to submit my story after a final edit. So here is an excerpt from my unedited work. Sorry no cover yet.

 “Spread your legs for me baby.”

Her legs sprang apart, her girly parts eager for the flicker of pleasure that was coming. She could feel the cool air on her damp bits as Zach teased her all over, missing the part that most wanted his touch. He started at her toes, running the feather between each, dancing down along the underside and the making a show of circling her sensitive instep. “It tickles.” she giggled. Then it was on the move again travelling down the inside of her thigh. A thrill ran through her the closer it got. She longed to touch herself but as soon as she moved her right hand, a sharp spank exploded across both cheeks. 

Join us soon for the first release of the Corbin’s Bend Stories. 

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