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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guess who is has come to visit me today? B J Wane!

I am so happy to have B J Wane here to visit us today to tell us a bit about Returning To Her Master. Thanks for joining us BJ.

 Thanks so much for having me.  I’m excited about reader’s responses to RETURNING TO HER MASTER.  Picking up where HER MASTER AT LAST left off with Marc and Cassie’s story, I have added over 4,000 words to the original version of this story in Make Me Yours as well as made significant changes to the plot. 

Here's the blurb...

Marc Taite is shocked when Cassie Edwards, the only girl he’s ever loved, suddenly shows up in the club room of his Colorado vacation lodge. Ever since she broke off their romance without explanation and refused to answer his calls, he has wondered what went wrong, and he hauls her upstairs, intending to spank her soundly and then get some answers. Their old passion instantly reignites, however, and instead of taking her over his knee he ends up taking her hard and fast.

The connection they once shared clearly still exists, but Marc has already lived through the pain of losing Cassie once, and he is determined not to let himself be hurt again. Desperate to prove that this time she is truly ready to belong to him, Cassie promises Marc her complete submission, and she soon finds herself on her knees with her bright red bare bottom on display as she begs him to claim her in any way he pleases.

Though he is reluctant to risk his heart again, when Marc discovers that a stalker has followed Cassie to Colorado his need to protect her quickly overcomes his hesitation and he takes it upon himself to keep her safe, even when that means punishing her sternly when she breaks the rules he makes to protect her. But when a misunderstanding sends her fleeing from him once again, will he lose her a second time?

Publisher’s Note: Returning to Her Master is a stand-alone sequel to Her Master at Last. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a threesome, anal play, exhibitionism, BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that an earlier version of this book was previously released by another publisher under the title Make Me Yours.

And an excerpt...

  “I’m not completely stupid,” she bit out, “except where you’re concerned.”
Marc saw Scott’s smile before he stepped away and pulled out his pager to let Jack and the others know they could call off the search and head back home. With slow precision, he advanced toward her, striving to keep his anger in check. She looked tired and strained, a reminder of how she must have been scared out of her wits out here alone for the past two hours.
    “Before you explain that statement, tell me if you’re all right.” he asked in a softer tone when he reached her. “Here.” Handing her a bottle of water, he looked her over while she downed it, assuring himself she was unharmed.
     “Thank you, and yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry I bothered everyone. I didn’t mean to get lost.”
     “Nobody means to get lost, darlin’, but if you ignore the basic rules of hiking in these mountains, it’s bound to happen. Rules I believe I told you about before our hike the other day.”
     Cassie wondered how far she’d get playing the ‘poor me’ act, then looked at his face and knew she may as well not bother. He looked well and truly pissed. Maybe if she explained he’d understand, but the thought of telling him she thought she meant more to him than she apparently did had her cringing in humiliation. “Can we go back now? I have a lot of work to do, that is if I can use your kitchen,” she said, hoping he’d let the rule thing slide.
     “No, we can’t go back now. First, I’m going to show you how I deal with rule-breaking from my sub. Then, on the long trek back, you can explain yourself.” Grabbing her hand as she took a hasty step back, he pulled her to him, turning to see where Scott went. Always thinking ahead, his friend had already removed his belt.
     “I decided you were too upset to mete it out, so I’ll do it for you,” he stated when Marc raised an eyebrow at him.
     “You’re right.”
     “Right about what?” Cassie looked from Scott and the wide leather belt looped over in his hand to Marc, a shiver of apprehension rippling up her spine as she imagined the sting from that leather strap.
     “That I’m too put out with you at the moment to discipline you myself, so Scott will do it.”
     “No. You can spank me later, when you’re not upset.” She tried to pull away from him, but his grip remained tight. While a part of her mind panicked over the thought of Scott using his belt on her, another part, the part she labeled her secret, slutty Marc part, was excited about the prospect. The erotic pain from her previous spankings always led to powerful orgasms, as did being observed. But this time would be for punishment and not with Scott watching, but meting it out. Before she could assimilate how she felt about that, Marc had her jeans shoved down and a hard arm wrapped around her waist as he bent her over. “Wait, Marc! Please!” She tried to struggle, but a hard slap on her bare ass put a quick stop to it.
     “No, I will not wait. You took off alone.” The belt snapped across her buttocks and she yelped at the fiery pain. “And you didn’t stay within sight of the lodge,” he continued, reaching under her with his free hand and cupping her unfettered breast beneath her shirt as Scott smacked her again. “And you have explaining to do as to why.”
     The belt stroked across her vulnerable buttocks again and she bit her lip as he continued to torment her, the slapping flesh snap of leather against her bottom echoing in the mountain air. Marc’s confusion over her reason for taking off had her wondering if she heard him wrong.
     The new hope blossoming in her chest helped her accept her punishment and the accompanying pain. Her buttocks throbbed with the scorching burn and she knew right away she wouldn’t find any pleasure with this spanking. His hand on her breast soothed rather than stimulated and went a long way toward helping her bear the consequences of her actions. As if the humiliation of being bent over bare assed and punished by Scott wasn’t enough, guilt over the trouble she caused everyone ate at her conscience. Sitting wouldn’t be an option by the time the sheriff finished belaboring her butt.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Today I had another visitor! Sara Field's stopped by with A Gift for the Commander!

Today Sara is here with her new release A Gift for the Commander.

Here's the blurb...

Though Olivia is grateful to be alive after she is rescued from a terrible tyrant and brought to the planet Terranovum, she is none too pleased when she learns that she is to be auctioned as a slave to the highest bidder. But before she can be sold, she must be trained, and the man who will train her is none other than the commander of the king’s army.

Wes has tamed many human slaves and when Olivia resists his efforts to bathe her in preparation for her initial inspection, he strips the beautiful, feisty girl bare and spanks her soundly. The stern chastisement leaves Olivia tearful and repentant yet undeniably aroused, and Wes starts her lessons in submission by making her beg him shamefully for the release her body needs so badly.

Once she has been thoroughly and intimately examined, Olivia’s training begins in earnest, and Wes takes her to his bed to teach her what it means to surrender her body to a dominant man. But try as he might, he cannot bring himself to see Olivia as just another slave. She touches his heart in a way he thought nothing could, and with each passing day he grows more certain that he must claim her as his own. But with war breaking out across Terranovum, can Wes protect both his world and his woman?

Publisher’s Note: A Gift for the Commander is the third book of the Terranovum Brides trilogy, which began with A Gift for the King and continued with A Gift for the Doctor. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here's where you can buy it...

And an excerpt...

 “Close your eyes.”

Without hesitation, she obeyed, and her senses amplified. Her sight taken away from her, all she could do was feel and listen for the next fall of the crop. The entire experience was more than intense, it was magnificent. He moved silently, so that she didn’t know when he was going to catch the underside of her bottom cheeks, or her breasts, or the sides of her hips, or the backs of her thighs. Her chest rose and fell, and she cried out when he tapped the leather against her nipple, but her reaction wasn’t from the pain, it was from the rampant desire that coursed through her. He did it again, over and over, switching back and forth from one nipple to the other. 

Her thighs began to quiver, and he dragged the crop down between her breasts to her navel, and then even lower, until the tip of the crop lay over the top of her clit.

She stopped breathing. Time seemed to slow as he took the crop away from her pussy. Expecting a sharp slap to fall at any second, she breathed a sigh of relief when he brought it back down gently. He did this a few times in a row, and she finally relaxed. Her clit throbbed in anticipation, and she could hardly contain herself, her lust was so great. Just when she had grown comfortable, he pressed the crop firmly against her. And then he took it away again.


The slap was still gentle, but harsh enough that she cried out, in either pleasure or pain, she wasn’t sure. He did it again, and her hips rolled wildly forward. He pressed his body up against her back and grabbed a fistful of her hair, arching her backwards even farther. Her scalp burned, but it only added more fuel to the fire. Her entire body smoldered red hot, aching with need for release. She panted as he pulled her head back so far that it nearly rested on his shoulder. She moaned when he reached around her body and settled the crop back on her clit.

“You are not to come until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

If you haven't checked out Book 1 and 2 in the series, 
here are the buy links below!!!

Book 1 Buy Links:



Book 2 Buy Links:

A bit about Sara...

 Sara is an author specializing in erotic spanking romance, who spends the day doing science, and writes by night. She has been on the spanking scene for many years, and has experienced all different types of spankings, from sensual, to fun, to punishments, including all of the implements she writes about!  Sara finally decided to branch out and write some hot spanking fiction, so she could share the sexy fantasies that happen deep in the recesses of her creative mind. 

Where you can find her...




Twitter:   (@Mrs_Sara_Fields)

Stormy Nights Publications Author Page:

Amazon Author Page:

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Maggie Carpenter is visiting my blog today!

Today I am honored to have Maggie Carpenter here with me to share her new book Tucker's Justice (Wild West Cowboys Book 1).

Here's the blurb...

When hardened gunslinger Tucker Prescott is tasked with bringing law and order back to a town overrun by a gang of criminals, he quickly realizes that his biggest challenge won’t be the villainous McGill brothers. The one who will truly put him to the test is Dolly Baker, the beautiful, feisty twenty-two-year-old daughter of the man who hired him.

From the moment she barges into his cabin uninvited, Tucker knows Dolly is going to be trouble, and it isn’t long before she tests his patience one time too many and earns herself a sound spanking. The embarrassing chastisement gets her attention, but it will take quite a bit more than a few smacks on the bottom to teach her obedience, and the more he sees of Dolly, the more Tucker is forced to admit that he would love to be the man to properly tame her.

Tucker didn’t come to Spring Junction to keep a woman in line, however, he came to deal with the McGill brothers and their gang. He has a plan to do just that, but it will depend on his quick wits as much as his quick draw, and despite his best efforts Tucker can’t get Dolly off his mind. Can he bring the outlaws to justice and make her his bride before she drives him to distraction?

Publisher’s Note: Tucker’s Justice is an erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And an excerpt...

Upstairs in her bedroom, Dolly had locked her door, taken off her dress and drawers, and wearing just her corset, chemise, and stockings to her knees, she holding the hairbrush and peering over her shoulder at her bottom in the mirror. It still showed faint red blotches from when Tucker had last spanked her. The sight sent her belly fluttering, and holding the brush over her right cheek, she held her breath and landed the blows.
“Ow, ow,” she hissed, sucking the air between her teeth and stamping her foot. “No fair you making me spank myself.”
She now understood why he’d instructed her to make the swats fast and hard. If she’d taken her time she might have held back after the first or second, and delivering them swiftly removed the temptation. Gazing at the red bloom, she took the brush in her left hand, but before landing the second set of four she paused to rub the sting.
The whole punishment thing was strange; not that her father hadn’t punished her, he had, but he’d never spanked her. Maude had landed a slap or two, not a real spanking, but what she felt when Tucker smacked her, or threatened to smack her, was completely different to anything she’d ever experienced. It made her stomach flip and sent a pulsing excitement through her entire body.
Taking a deep breath, she sent her pondering to the back of her mind and launched into the next four swats. As had happened previously, they didn’t carry the same amount of zest, so she added a fifth. The moment it landed she asked herself why she would do such a thing, but suddenly feeling weak and needing to lie down, she stepped across to her bed and flopped onto her back.
“Ooh, what’s wrong with me?” she mumbled. “I want him, that’s what’s wrong with me. I’m twenty-two years old and I’ve never been with a man. I’m glad I waited, but now I don’t want to wait a second longer.”
Sending her fingers against her pussy, she found herself warm and wet, very wet. Did spanking feed her desires? Did his authoritative ways arouse her? She knew they did, but she didn’t know why, then decided the why didn’t matter. Closing her eyes, she imagined him lying next to her, rubbing her breasts, tonguing her nipples, and exploring her womanhood with his fingers.
“I can’t wait,” she whispered. “I positively cannot wait.”

Here's where you can get it...




A bit about Maggie...

Male dominance/ female submission. My passion. It is that which I write about, and my alpha-males range from down-home, hunky, spanking cowboys, to fantasy, sword-wielding, warriors, and of course, artful romantic Dominants who don't need dollars to melt their sweet subs, (even if a few of them have mega-bucks).

There's a little bit of me in all the stories, and The British Bachelor trilogy is based on a long-distance relationship I had with a British Dominant, James Collier. When he agreed to work with me on I AM A DOMINANT, I was absolutely thrilled. This book is a first-hand account of some of his more interesting experiences, including the amusing, and intriguing story of the first time he had a woman over his lap. 

I am an old-fashioned romantic, complete with my own white knight fantasies, so a red rose and heart-felt sentiment is alive and well on the pages of all my novels. If you like to sigh, please, come on in.

Last but not least, I am blessed to share my life with a precious pup, and a gorgeous mare. All creatures great and small also live close to my heart.


WHEN A COWBOY LOVES A WOMAN (Contemporary Western)

Maggie's social media...


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paige Parsons is visiting my blog today!

I am so pleased to have Paige Parson's visit my blog today to give us a sneak peak or two at her new novel Taking The Stage

Here's the blurb...

Her lying, cheating husband betrayed her. Devastated, she quit her teaching job. Now Robyn Rose isn't sure she has it in her to start over again in the only job she ever really enjoyed—the theatre. 

But support for her penniless artistic future is limited, until she meets Joseph James Davis. He is the director of Robyn’s last-chance gig, and has some unique, over-his-lap sorts of ideas about what it takes to keep his stage manager on her best behavior. He also might just be her last chance at love. 

Now, if only they can get their lead actress (who is also his ex-girlfriend) to take the stage without destroying their possibility at a future together. 

And a couple of excerpts...

Excerpt #1

“She’s not just actor crazy! She’s beyond psycho-diva-drama-queen crazy! She’s the kind of crazy that has an actual diagnosis. It comes with pills, twenty-four-hour watches, and small padded rooms. That bitch practically took my head off!”
Joseph stood next to the door, blocking escape by the ranting bundle bouncing around his office. He’d wrangled her into it after he came up on a scene right out of a movie—two beautiful women in the throes of an anything but beautiful cat fight. It was rounded out with co-stars and deck hands pulling the two of them apart.

“Don’t you stand there like I’m overreacting, because you know that I’m not. This has been coming for weeks! I blame you.”

“Excuse me?”

Joseph knew Roby’s feelings on just about everything, but he was still more than curious to see where she was going with this particular proclamation. She often had a poker face, but never a poker mouth, facts that usually led to heated discussions, and often her to a heated backside. This was not a new argument. He knew what she wanted. It was what she’d wanted since the first week Kat showed up. Roby wanted her gone. So, in that regard, he supposed she was right that it was his fault, because he had zero intent of sending their lead actress packing. (PG-13)

Excerpt #2

“Where are those hands?” Her sigh was deep as the double sized mitts he considered hands reached over to rub the tops of both breasts. The water he scooped and let drizzle down her front was silky from the oil she always used.

“Don’t be a tease. Get in here with me.”

“I’m here to hurry you along, make sure you don’t drown, and get you out here with me.”
He leaned over to nibble on her ear as he took his frontal assault to the round under curve of her breast and up to nipples that met the pads of his fingertips in rock hard readiness.

“That’s not the way to get me out. Why would I want this to stop?”
“Sit up.” Leaning forward Robyn enjoyed his trailing hands that soaped, massaged, and caressed her from the nape of her neck to the dip in her back that met the start of the shapely rear end.

“This isn’t like any bath I’ve ever gotten.”

“And I better be the only one giving you this kind from here on. Rest back.”
He moved to the side of the bath and dipped his long arms deep under the bubbles. The luxurious rubbing continued from the tops of her thighs to the tips of her toes. As he ran his palms along the base of her feet, she felt giggles bubbling up in her in childlike fashion. (R)

Where you can get it...

Blushing Books :

And a little about Paige Parsons...

Paige Parsons is a creative Joan of all Trades, with her first love being theatre. However, theatre rarely paid the bills so, she's also worked as an educator, journalist, UPS customer service representative, and a receptionist at a record label.

Now living and working in Asia, Paige, a native New Yorker, has always loved the world of make believe and was a voracious reader and wild storyteller growing up. 

She has been making up stories and getting them on paper for as long as she can remember and is always thrilled when someone expresses love for something she's written. After years of fear, and waiting for the right moment, she finished, submitted, and is thrilled to present her first full length novel.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Communication/English-Creative Writing and a graduate degree in Education and has spent the last 25 years collecting stories around the stage as an actress, stage manager, and production manager. 

Paige loves to tell stories, read stories, and put stories up on the stage.

Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm so excited that Ava Sinclair has come to share a tempting excerpt of Alien's Captive. Come and join us...

I'm so happy to have Ava Sinclair visiting my blog today, to give us a sneak peak into The Alien's Captive.

Here's the blurb...

General Augustus Bron, Commander of the Traoian Iron Guard, has never approved of the practice of capturing human women and training them to serve the rich and powerful of his world. He knows, however, that success in politics is all but impossible without the social status granted by ownership of a human pet, and with his planet in desperate need of new leadership he sees little choice but to obtain one for himself.

When she pieces together a connection between five missing women, reporter Phaedra Ellis knows she is onto something big, but before she can go public with her story she is taken from her apartment in the middle of the night and brought to a facility unlike anything she has ever seen before. To her shock, Phaedra is informed that she is no longer on Earth, and more disturbing still, she is now the property of a huge, powerful alien warrior who will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly should she dare to disobey him.

After an intimate, deeply humiliating medical examination confirms her suitability as a pet, Bron begins Phaedra’s training. Though taming her will require a firm hand and punishments much more shameful than a mere spanking may be necessary from time to time, he has no doubt that he is up to the task. But despite his efforts to remain stoic, his beautiful little human has soon claimed a place in his heart. When Bron’s enemies seek to use his growing love for Phaedra against him, can the battle-hardened soldier find a way to protect both his planet and his pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Alien’s Captive is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And the excerpt...

“Today,” he said, “I teach you control.”
Her heart was pounding. What did he mean? He was completely silent as he loomed over her, but then a finger dropped to her collarbone and trailed lightly down her skin, and something in so light a touch from so huge a man caused a shudder to run through Phaedra’s small body. When that finger reached her breast, the tip of it circled the areola, sending tiny goosebumps of flesh on her skin and causing her nipple to harden almost painfully.
She could feel the wetness starting to form between her legs as his finger now circled the other nipple. Phaedra scrunched her eyes shut tight and squeezed her thighs together, as if that could stop the throbbing of her pussy. When she opened her eyes, she could see Bron looking down at those clamped thighs, and when he drug his gaze up to hers, she could tell he knew her body was already betraying her. The corner of his mouth was curved up in a knowing smirk, and at that moment Phaedra’s anger flared.
“NO!” She began to pull against the restraints, to kick her legs, to arch away from Bron while calling him every vile name she could think of. And he —the beast!— was perfectly calm as he caught her, turned her over, clutched her by the waist, raised her ass and began to spank her with hard, heavy blows.
“OWWWW!” Her protests and profanities turned to sobs and pleas as her captor’s hard hand fell and fell and fell. He did not spank her quickly, but methodically, carefully timing the blows and letting her whimper in expectation of each one. He was suspending her in a full state of helplessness, forcing her to connect with it.
Where the other spanking had been corrective, this one sent a message: I have all the time in the world to spank your bottom. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.
The burn of the spanks went subdermal. Her bottom felt as if it were throbbing. Each spank echoed through the room. When Phaedra looked back in one frantic, pain-filled moment, she could see Bron staring between her kicking legs. This made her wail even louder, for she knew what he saw—an exposed pussy glistening wet with need.
“Please!” Her voice was hoarse now, and she could barely expel the word. Bron was rubbing her sore bottom, his hand inflaming the burning surface with each pass. For good measure, he squeezed a punished cheek before wordlessly turning her back over. Her bottom was so tender that Phaedra arched away from the bed, but when Bron placed a hand on her pelvis, his expression was so serious that she dropped her pulsing haunches to the mattress, tears of defeat leaking from her eyes.
“Again.” It was a single word that marked Bron’s intention of resuming his lesson, as if the spanking were merely a trivial interruption. His finger went back to her nipples, circling one and then the other. And despite the discomfort in her bottom, Phaedra’s pussy once again clenched hungrily. She did not shut her legs this time; there was, she decided, no use trying to hide what he could so easily reveal.
The finger moved between her breasts, trailing down and down and down past her navel to the crest of her Venus mound to the top of the deep cleft of her pussy. He ordered her to spread her legs wide, and after weighing the cost of disobedience, Phaedra obeyed, focusing on the ornate tiles of the high ceilings for want of distraction.
But there was no distraction great enough to draw her attention away from what he did next. Bron parted Phaedra’s labia with two large fingers and touched the little gold shield that covered her clitoris. It all but melted away under his finger, and when the air hit that little nub of flesh, she felt it pulse and swell and throb.
“You’ve drugged me.” She looked at him accusingly, unwilling to admit that her arousal was a natural reaction, given her situation.
“I’ve no need to drug a female.”
“You’ve drugged me.” Phaedra’s tone was insistent, angry. “Why are you making me act like this?” She moved her hips, desperate to dislodge the finger that was now moving on that sensitive little pearl in maddening circles.
He laughed. “Oh, little human. You seek to keep your dignity by denying the truth. You need no drugging. You are under the sway of your own natural desires. You cannot control your passion, whether it be the desires of your body or your urge to unleash your tongue when you should remain silent.” He paused as his finger moved up and down, and Phaedra moaned. “You must learn to curb your passions.”

Buy links...


Barnes and Noble:

All Romance eBooks:

And Ava's bio...

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who found the only way to get her kinky reading fix was to haunt questionable sections of the bookstore and - when no one was looking - snatch up a copy of "Penthouse Letters", which she proceeded to hide inside a magazine for camouflage.
She was a nice southern girl then, and nice southern girls didn't read stories she craved - stories of domination and correction and surrender. Or, at least, they didn't own to it.
Oh, how times have changed. No longer a young woman, Ava Sinclair is pleased to live in an exciting time when all manner of erotica is available at the click of a button. And she's so very proud to be one of the writers her younger self would have wanted to read.
From her beginnings as a contributor to the first online purveyor of female erotica, Bethany's Woodshed, Ava Sinclair went on to not only write but to become an executive editor in the industry. In 2015, she returned to writing fulltime when she published "Marshal's Little Girl" with Stormy Night Publications. That book led to a string of a dozen bestsellers, nine of which became #1 Amazon bestsellers.
From alien worlds to western towns to windswept Highlands to shadowy government institutes where women are taken for training, Ava enjoys creating detailed worlds and crafting believable plots that frame sizzling scenes of sex and domination her readers have come to love.
She resides in the green hills of southern Virginia with her family, an indecent number of cats, her little dog and an Eagle Owl named Lucius. When she's not writing, she can be found reading, scouring antique shops for vintage teacups, or riding her horses.

Ava's Website...

The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Sexy Cherry