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Sunday, July 24, 2016

April Vine has come to visit me today to give us a sneak peak of The Billionaire's Bride

Today I'm happy to welcome April Vine with a juicy excerpt from The Billionaire's bride. 

Here is the Blurb...

Twenty-three-year-old heiress Kassandra Elliot is used to doing as she pleases, so it comes as quite a surprise when handsome billionaire Domenico Bellini confronts her at a nightclub and tells her he is taking her home at her father’s request, whether she likes it or not. When she resists, Domenico tosses her over his shoulder, spanks her, and then makes it clear that she can either behave herself and listen to what he has to say or face more humiliating consequences.

Once he has her attention, Domenico informs Kassandra that their great-grandfathers signed a pact which requires him to wed her as a condition of their families keeping their inheritances. Though she is shocked by the idea of marrying a man she barely knows, Kassandra cannot bear the thought of letting her family down and she hesitantly agrees to the arrangement.

Domenico knows that his beautiful, feisty young wife needs to be taken in hand, but a tragedy earlier in his life makes him reluctant to show her the full extent of his dominance. Before long, however, he finds himself unable to resist the desire to strip her bare, spank her hard, and claim her thoroughly. Their passion is soon burning hotter with each passing day, but when they learn the dark secrets of each other’s pasts will that knowledge bind them together or tear them apart? 

      And the Excerpt...

 “Tell me, kitten.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let go of me.”
“And why do you pretend to be sexually active… when you’re still a virgin.”
Without her promiscuous continuous drink-binging reputation, she was nothing but an empty shell feebly guiding a very scared person. And she’d rather he not saw the pathetic side of her.
“You don’t know anything about me, Domenico,” she said with quiet calm.
“I know you’re still a virgin. And your sexual experience comes from those romance novels you’re always reading.”
Balancing on the elbow of one of his arms, he used his other hand to grip his cock. He laid the entire length against her. She sank into the mattress, her body melted, boneless, mindless.
“I know because if I were to… if I were to sink into you, I’d have to stretch you first, to make me fit inside you. And if I went deeper, I’d bet all my money, you’d bleed. For me, gattino.”
He guided his cock up and down her pussy. She was so wet, so turned on, her liquid clung to the skin of his erection. She arched her back and he brushed her clit, sending her out of her body and into his. He did it again, this time parting her folds, feeling exactly how hot and wet she was.
Madre di Dio,” he rasped. “Because that’s what I want to do, bella. I want to make your pussy mine. I want to slide in and watch as you accept me inside your body. And I want to go that deep inside you, and deeper, until I have marked you as mine. Forever.”

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