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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wow! You have to read this hot excerpt from Alexis Alvarez's new BDSM romance!

I'm so glad Alexis stopped by to give us a peak into her new book Casey's Choice. This sounds like a super hot romance.

Here is the blurb...

When trendy young artist Casey Reilly sneaks into Chicago’s most exclusive club under a fake name, it isn’t long before two rich, handsome men are vying for her attention. The club’s owner, billionaire Jax Hunter, is the first to make his move, but when he discovers her deception he has difficulty forgiving Casey.
After Hunter’s cold response to the truth about Casey’s identity leave her dejected, Max Abbott doesn’t waste time in stepping in to pick up the pieces, and he promptly gets to work on mending her broken heart. But when Hunter decides to try to win her back, Casey will have to make the most important choice of her life.

Here is an excerpt...

“Well, before, when you made me bend over. You touched me, then. And I liked it,” she said, her voice low.
“Oh, you did, did you?” His was rough, teasing, now.  “Would you like me to do that again?”
She  nodded. 
“What if I didn’t stop with a touch, next time, Sofia? What if I spanked you, like you expected? What if I teased you, tantalized you? Would you let me do that?”
“Yes, I would.” She felt adrenaline surge.
“Before, it was just a test,” he said. “From now forward it will be something else. Something more.”
“I want more,” she said, meeting his eyes. 
“You don’t know what you want yet,” he said, an enigmatic  expression on his face. And like lightning, he stood and pulled her into his chest. “But I’ll be very glad to help you figure it out,” he growled into her ear, and then his lips were on her neck, and Casey melted into his body with passion that arose in her from his voice, his touch, his smell.

Where you can get it....

Amazon US:   

A little about Alexis Alvarez...

Alexis Alvarez is an author, photographer, and digital designer who loves writing steamy romances.  Her female heroines are always strong, intelligent women who fall for the sexiest guy around...and get the happy-ever-after ending of their dreams.

You can usually find Alexis hanging out with her family or her sisters, who are also romance writers, at their website, Graffiti Fiction.  The three of them love to drink wine together and laugh like hyenas while making dirty jokes and really inappropriate comments. Their mom is very proud.

One really cool thing about Alexis is that she’s a friendly author who loves meeting new people on Facebook. Please come on by and say hello. Thanks, and happy reading!

Where you can find her...

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