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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Technically Challenged

I thought I was pretty internet have to be internet savvy these days if you want to write, because nearly all of your writing is done on your computer an sent online. Bottom line is...I realise...I'm not.

Now I have long been a fan of Facebook. I love the games, I love sharing my family photos and looking at others and seeing what everyone's up to... I love the catching up with and making new friends, I love all of it.  That though is part of the problem.

So, I've written this book and I'd like to share it. Problem is, I really want to share it with strangers. The content of my books being what it is...erotic romance...spanking stories...mommy porn whatever you want to label it, you have to think seriously before sharing it with your family and friends right? So that was the plan to think about it first. I know it seems like I'm going a long way around getting to what I'm talking about but I will get there I promise.

The idea then was to open a new Facebook and Twitter...see how advanced this antiquated being is...I have BOTH Facebook and Twitter...I know right, your impressed. Now you have to bare in mind that both these tools of social interaction have passwords. Grrrr. passwords...the bane of life and the root of my problem. So, I chose the name I am writing under and I opened a new Facebook and a new Twitter and let's not forget this blog... all with passwords and different password requirements. You know...some you have to have a mixture of letters and numbers and some with characters...some you have to only have letters and some with only's a nightmare for a middle aged woman with limited memory. Oh yes...apparently I'm not middle aged anymore, my son tells me...unless I'm planning on living to be over a hundred...I wonder what the next stage to middle aged is...I know it's not old...surely. Anyway I digress again...sorry...

Now the way I get out of the whole password thing normally is to stay logged on. Can't do that anymore. Now I know what you're thinking, why doesn't she just keep the same password for everything. I tried that but it just doesn't seem to work. And you only have to forget once and it makes you reset to keep the same password you have to reset all your passwords...and remember all the secret questions. My favourite is your favourite pet...if your may have only had one favourite pet... by the time you're not quite old but older than middle aged, you've had a few so it isn't that easy to remember. Anyway I muddle through, even if it takes me a few hours or a couple of days sometimes to figure out how to get back into my places.

Terminology is my latest many words and so many meanings....there's RT and retweets and hashtags and handles. FF and buttons and DM and MT's and MMS's and those are just a few. I really thought that a widget was going to be something more interesting than it is.

Well it seems that I'm slowly working my way through because I've managed to get this blog up and running, now all I have to do is figure out how to get people to read it....LOL...laugh out loud...good aren't I ?

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