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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Better Than Sliced Bread

A couple of days ago, I was forced to come to terms with just how important the invention of the computer has been and of course of the internet.

Friday morning I woke up to find my daughter quite disturbed.
"The internet's not working." she said...Her face ashen like she'd actually lost a friend..and she had...sort of. Lots of them. So had I.
"Did you try restarting your computer?" I asked helpfully with one eye still not quite open.
"Tried it.
"Did you try turning off the electricity and turning it back on?"
"Yep. It's broken."
"I'll try mine." I said.

A half an hour later and we were standing there...stranded on our island...wondering what to do. We were Gilligan and the Skipper trying to figure out how we were going to get rescued.
"We should call someone." I said.
"Yeah." My daughter said.  "Do you know the number?"
"No." Damn...I thought.
"Don't we have phone books?"
"Nope." I said. "I threw them out because we have the computers...which don't work."
"Damn." she said.
"Yep." Luckily, being the enterprising person that I am, I thought to ring my other daughter who looked up the number for me and we were on the road to being back on the air again. Thank God.

So all this got me thinking. How in such a short period of time did we get so addicted to the internet?

I remember when we got our first computer. Boxy thing that it was...and we had only one and we had to share that among the whole family. We didn't even have the internet...we played solitaire and spider solitaire and some game where you killed a submarine with bombs. And if the kids were lucky we'd let them draw. Really...drawing would have been so much easier with a piece of paper and a pencil...but they were using a COMPUTER...the tool of the future, and it was, we just didn't know then how much so.
We did of course have the encyclopaedia disk that was great with assignments and such.

If anyone would have told me then that I would have friends on the other side of the world that I would talk to regularly...or that there would be a site where people wrote stories about how they wished their favourite TV shows turned out, I would have thought they were crazy. I never would have dreamed in a million years that I could write a book, send it overseas and sign a contract without ever having to leave my living room...truly amazing.

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