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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Long Weekend That Isn't

I'd love to be talking about writing...which was my intention but sadly today it's not. Not a lot of writing has happened... well I updated one of my fanfics but that's all. I'd intended to do much more. Why? You might ask when it's a long weekend. BECAUSE it's a long weekend. Now don't get me wrong, I did plenty.

Long weekends mean that everyone gets another day right...more time to themselves, to attend to what ever they want to. Nope. MOST people get to do those things. Not me apparently and not this weekend. See the family is all home for this blessed event that is the Queen's birthday. Well not really the Queen's Birthday. The Queen's birthday was actually on April 21st. Weird I know...but we celebrate the Queen's Birthday on the second Monday of June...because we can and because we Australians do like a long weekend. Most of us.

The family being home means people that need things constantly, usually food. I sometimes imagine them all like a flock of tiny birds cheep cheep cheeping from their nest every time I walk into a room...what's for lunch...what's for dinner...where are my know the blue ones...I left them to be washed.
"The clothes fairy is celebrating the Queen's Birthday I say." Not even a giggle just a blank face that's waiting for the right pair of blue jeans to materialise before whats his name arrives at the door. And they do...because I'm a soft touch and I've had all the whinging a person can take in one very long weekend.

Anyway I don't want to bore you all with our weekend antics because I'm sure most of you are enduring your own long weekends. I have though had time to play several million games of Bejeweled Blitz and as I say I updated one of my fanfics...they were on a cruise. Maybe next year I might try and go on a cruise, but not a Disney Cruise like my NCIS people. A quiet cruise where I don't have to cook.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! I hope they got you a cake even if it wasn't your real birthday.

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