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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out with the Old

A long while ago when we got cable at our house, I made a decision that I thought worked well. To NOT get it in the living room. Now any Aussie's are going to think...we call it a lounge room in Australia...well we do but it isn't. It is a living room because that's basically where I live when I'm awake.

So I got the cable in the bedrooms where the family can happily go to watch whatever they want...within reason of course with the youngest. This left me with the old squarish TV that wasn't digital ready. Not a problem, not for me. I could usually find something to have on in the background while I 'lived'.

Living for me entails writing, chatting, basically everything I do on the computer. It also includes peeling vegetables, baking and whatever else you do in the kitchen...  I could still see and hear my antiquated old box from there. There were even times when I decided to fold one of the mountainous piles of clean washing and fold it into piles along the sofa while I happily watched one of my programs.  That's what sofas are for aren't they?

The BIG plus with my old TV was that I was the only one that could see it's beauty. No one else stayed for long. They would come and chat as they were passing through to get more food or drink. They'd ask me what I was writing...usually something that was very quickly shut down when anyone walked into the room ...Nothing though clears a room like vegetables being peeled or washing being folded. House work in general.

Yesterday was a fateful day however as a new member of my family arrived in the shape of a gift. A large flat screen TV that was digital ready. I have to say I WAS a little impressed. It stands there proudly with it's shiny new blackness. The picture is sooo clear and the sound is fantastic. They've also given me extra channels....and THIS is the problem.

Suddenly people are finding an appeal in the living living room. The room where I live. Instead of running the morning news channel quietly in the background while I tap away at my computer, I now have someone flicking through several extra channels of noisy cartoons while I try and string a few thoughts together. My husband suggested that we could all watch the third and final State of Origin football match together in the 'lounge' room on Wednesday. He must have seen the tragic look on my face because he sweetened the deal with some booze and a chinese meal...I guess there will be perks.

Who would have known after all these years of teaching children to share I'd finally have to do it myself...

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  1. Lol, I totally understand where you´re coming from there,Constance!! Sometimes, I think peeps forget that you´re not on the computer for fun!! You´re on there to write!! x

  2. Exactly! It's not like it's a 'real' job. lol. Although I have to say a 'real' job wouldn't be an umpteenth as much fun as I get out of writing :)


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