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Monday, June 25, 2012

BLOCKED...easily distracted...talks too much...need to concentrate...

That heading sounds like a report card doesn't it? Maybe that's because a lot of my report cards when I was growing up read pretty much like that. Nothing's changed.

I have days where my family can hardly get any sense out of me. I tap away like a woman possessed. Then there are times like now where I cannot tap out more than a few sentences and even then I don't like what I've written.

When I was at school and I was feeling this way I would usually talk to the person next to me. Fiddle around and put my hand up to go to the bathroom. In sewing class I even used to knock over the container of pins and spend the entire lesson picking them up. I didn't like to sew...Suffice to say I was in trouble a lot. I couldn't understand it at the time but I do now. While I help my own youngest child with homework...this child has a missing ruler,  non existent glue and an eraser that disappears everyday...What should take fifteen minutes takes a lot longer because he is so easily distracted.I can sympathise with him but I can also sympathise with what the teachers used to and probably still do go through.

Anyway the child is definitely my son because I can get a little distracted still myself. Just a little...I open a page in the morning and I read over what I finished on the day before...have a bit of a think and then go and make some coffee. Fix my son's lunch and wake him and then do breakfast. Once he's gone to school I go back and read a little before tapping out a few sentences. My hands though of their own accord  open Facebook....of course it is quite possible that someone may have posted something really important on there that I've missed....nope not really but I may as well have a few games of bejeweled, I muse. Hmmm half an hour later I realise that I haven't checked into Twitter yet. Now I really do need to thank everyone for their follows and of course their retweets. That reminds me that I really need to tweet agin to ask for more retweets for my book. It's only fair though that if you're asking for retweets that you do the same and retweet other people's requests. Could be possible that people are getting sick of reading my requests for retweets for my book, I think... so I spend sometime widening my horizons...following other people. That then gets me to wondering how my book's doing on I go to check there... it's a cycle.

Back to writing again and I've forgotten again what I was going to write so I go back and read a few paragraphs back...and the cycle starts again. Just as well I don't have to open a report card now...I can only imagine what it would say.

Housework....In fits and starts    C
Cooking....     Mostly                  A-
English......     Reads very well and is quite good at writing...thank goodness for spell check and editors.                                            A-
Science....       NA
History.....      Sometimes she can recall something that happened yesterday...but not often  D

Constance is an average housewife and writer who could benefit from getting her act together and not playing games when she is supposed to be working. She needs to learn to better organise her time...

Ain't that the truth.

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  1. Great post! And so true for me...well...not the part about the son at home...but my fingers tend to go to email, facebook, and twitter without my even thinking about it and suddenly...I haven't written a thing. Thankfully, I'm not going to grade myself.

  2. LOL. So easily happens. I wonder if authors got more done when they had typewriters that didn't do anything else but type...


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