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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby!!! Christmas Episode (fanfic)

This is a Christmas episode from my long running NCIS story on fanfictionnet. It didn't fit into the time line so I decided to do a seperate one. 

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby!!! Christmas Episode

Part 1

“Seriously Abby, I don't think it matters. Jess will be just as happy if we choose another doll.”
Abby stared at her husband like he'd completely lost his mind. Hadn't she explained to him that Jess had told Santa that she wanted a Saige doll? It was imperative that they find her one. It wasn't that Abby was into spoiling kids, she wasn't. But Santa wishes were something else entirely. “Are you serious? Clearly you've never been a little girl.”
“Exactly. If you had then you'd know how beyond important it is that we find it. Her whole perception of Santa and the magic of Christmas could be ruined for life Timmy. For life.” “Ok, we can leave the kids here with Sarah and we'll go to one last mall but if it's not there then we're choosing something else. Clear?”
“Clear Timmy but I have to start the preparations for tomorrow. Everyone will be here for lunch you know that.” She flung her arms around him and kissed him soundly. “I know you'll find it Tim, I just know it.”
“Feel it in your bones?”
“Yes I do.”
Tim hugged his wife tightly. “Just so you know? I know that I'm being manipulated here Abby. You're just lucky that I love you and Jess to the moon and back.”
“What about us?” Dyl asked.
“I love you and Aaron to the moon and back too Dyl.” Tim kissed the top of his son's head ignoring the growing boys wince.
“That's probably a good thing Dad cos this little guy stinks.”
“Merry Christmas Mommy.” Tim chuckled. “I have to go.”
“Can I come Dad?”
“Not this time Dyl.”
“You're getting to be such a big boy Dyl.” Abby said. “I bet you'd be pretty good at changing diapers just like a grown up now.”
“No thanks Mom. I'm happy being a kid.” He help his brother up to his mother with a wrinkled nose.
“Ok then stinky boy. It's just you and Momma.” Abby kissed the baby chubby cheek.
“Da da.” he said.
“Is not here. Looks like you're stuck with me big guy.”

“There was a slight problem.” Tim wandered in with an arm full of packages, all from the American girl store.
Abby ran to Tim and grabbed at the bags he'd picked up and started rifling through them. Her instincts as a forensic scientist urging her to find the answer instead of waiting. This isn't Saige.” she said, her eyes wide as the knowledge of what this meant trickled through. She never should have sent a man on such an important task.
“I know, Saige was all sold out but I can fix that. “
Tim grabbed Abby's arm and towed her up the stairs to the their bedroom where no one would walk in on them. They couldn't risk little minds being scarred for life by finding that it was in fact their parents that had provided their gifts. Well Jess anyway. Dyl suspected but he hadn't asked the big question yet thank goodness. Abby would have been happy to keep the illusion going for life.

Tim took the bags from Abby.
She watched as her husband spread a slew of Paige outfits and accessories across their bed. “Those are just outfits Tim.”
“I know.” he said pulling a doll out from another bag triumphantly. “but I have this.”
“That's Caroline. She's a historical doll.”
“She had long blonde curls just like our Jess.”
“But she's Caroline.”
“Now she's Caroline. Once we undress her and put on Paige's clothes then she'll be Paige.”
“With blonde hair.”
“Yes. See it's perfect.”
“No it's not perfect.” Abby crossed her arms. “Is that what you really think Timmy? That you can just dress a person up in someone else's clothes and they become that person. Like if I died or something then you could just get a new wife and throw on a checked skirt and a cute t-shirt and draw on a few tattoos and boom new wife, new life. Don't forget the platform boots Tim or she won't be the real thing.”Abby it's a doll.”It's no ordinary doll Tim.”I know that Honey. Look, I got the books too. I think this toy is actually a really good idea. It has a great message.”Look inside the book Tim. Paige has brown hair.”Abby she decided she wanted this two days before Christmas. I did the best I could.”She'll be upset and she's going to think that Santa didn't love her enough to give her what she asked for.” Abby picked up each accessory packet and tossed it down on the bed.“No she's not. We'll just tell her that Santa wanted her to have a doll that looked just like her. This is what it is now. We are not spending anymore time looking and we're not spending anymore money. It's ridiculous how much this doll has cost.”
“I guess.” Abby grumbled, sighing miserably.
“I can't, I feel like Christmas is ruined.
“Abby there's only one thing that will ruin Christmas around here and that's your attitude. Fix it or I'll fix it for you.”
“You just don't get it Timmy. I don't want Jess disappointed, that's all.”
“Neither do I and she won't. She has lovely gifts Abby. She'll take her cue from you. If you're happy, she'll be happy.”
“Do you think Dyl has enough gifts?”
“He has plenty of gifts and so does Aaron. Even though he would probably rather play in the boxes.”
“Tim I really do appreciate what you tried to do here.” Abby slipped her arms around her tired husband's neck. “I love you but I have to go back to my cookies now.”
“It'll be fine Abby, you'll see. Do you want me to start wrapping?”
“That'd be great. Lock the door after me. Just leave the doll stuff. I'll see what I can do with her later before I go to bed.”

Abby pressed out another batch of gingerbread cookies. She'd done several trays of boy ones and now she was finishing up the last tray of girls. She wasn't a hundred percent happy with her baking efforts this year but this doll thing was a distraction. Tim didn't understand. They'd been so busy at work that she hadn't even read Jess's Christmas wish list. Of course she would have had to delve into the secret place to find it. Jess had been testing whether Santa could really find her list without her posting it to the North Pole. If Abby hadn't taken the kids to see Santa she never would have found out that Paige was who Jess wanted. Of course Kim had ordered hers weeks ago for Maddie and Beth, such wads the life of a non working mother. You got to stay on top of things. Maybe she should give up work and stay home. Her phone rang and she quickly wiped her hands and answered it.
“Hi.” Kim said. “How did you go. Did Tim manage t get it?”
“Nope. Sold out.”
“Oh Honey No.”
“He has this crazy idea that we can dress a Caroline doll in Paige clothes and try and fool Jess.”
“Oh that is such a man solution.”
“Gibbs wouldn't make that mistake.”
“Maybe not.”
Abby could hear Kim tapping away on her computer in the background. “I better go and finish these cookies.”
“No wait. I think I have it.”
“What?” Abby didn't even know what her friend had but she couldn't help feeling hopeful.
“Ebay. Someone has one; it's a a bit more expensive but it new and in a box. Pick up only.”
“How much more expensive?”
“Double.” Kim said. “I know it's a lot. That's what these people do. They buy up the popular things and sell them to the desperate people online for twice the amount.”
“Well I;m desperate. Where is it?”
“An hour away.”
“That's nothing. Road trip?”
“Yeah sure. Why not. Are you going to tell Tim where you're going?”
“Of course I am. To get more potatoes.” She giggled.
“Then that's what I'll tell Leroy. He can watch the girls for a while, they're almost ready for bed anyway.”
“Kim you're a life saver.”


The first day's question is what doll does Jess want for Christmas?

Answer the question in the comment section today and after the next two days installments and I will draw a random winner on Christmas eve. You can choose one copy of any of my books as a prize. 


  1. Love this!! Oh Abby and Kim.... you girls know better than to lie to your husbands!! If Gibbs and Tim even believe they are running to the grocer for potatoes in the first place. But Abby is determined to get this particular doll and Kim is right there with her. Looking forward to seeing how this works out. Keep those chapters coming!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OK... now to answer the question... Jess wants the Saige Doll.

  4. Great start..... I can only imagine how Tim & Gibbs will react.
    And Jess would like the Saige doll.

  5. What a treat a Christmas story set in the wonderful NCIS world you have created!!! The doll Jess wants is named Saige.

    I posted this as Anonymous as I do not have any of the profiles listed in the menu.


  6. Can't wait to see how the rest of Christmas plays out for the NCIS family. Abby and Kim seem to never learn that it's NOT okay to fool their husbands- silly girls. Though as a mom I know how Abby feels about the 'secret special Santa' gift. I do hope that Tim will understand how important it is for Abby (and Jess) that she gets the Saige doll.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  7. I'm not sure. It started out as a Saige doll and changed to Paige partway thru. I think I must be reading it wrong. But loved the snippet - Going someplace different that you said is probably not going to work out real well. Thanks


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