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Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby !!! Christmas Episode Chapter 2

I hope everyone is enjoying this short story and thank you to those who answered the questions on my blog.
Chapter 2

“Where is this place anyway?” It seemed to Abby that they'd been driving in circles for about an hour. She loved how the houses were prettily decorated though.
“I think we missed the street.” Kim pointed to the directory thing. “Can you reset that thing and put in the address again?”
“Sure.” Abby said pressing the buttons and settling back to sip her cafpow. “So Gibbs bought your potatoes story?”
“Um sort of.” Kim winced.
“You told him didn't you?” Abby said.
“Not exactly. He didn't buy the potato story for a second. I told him I had a lat minute surprise I had to get and that he shouldn't ask any other questions or he'd ruin the surprise.”
Abby giggled. So what surprise do you have for him?”
“The hand grinder thing he asked me to buy.” Kim winced.
“Not exactly a surprise.”
“Details Abs. We'll stop at the store and get him a surprise on the way home.”
“That's a problem for later. Hey! There's the street.”
“Yay.” Abby started bouncing in her seat when they pulled up outside a large house. “This is it. This is the one. I hope it's the right doll.”
“Relax Abs. The picture of the doll was spot on. There's only one way to find out.”

The guy who lived there must have seen them pull up outside of his house because by the time they got to the front door he was waiting. “Kim?” He asked.
“Kim nodded and smiled. This is my friend Abby, the doll is for her daughter.”
“Pleased to meet you Abby.” He held out his hand to shake hers.
“Thank you so much. You don't know what a life saver you are. I was desperate. My husband drove around everywhere looking for a Saige. They are so hard to get.”
“I can imagine, with Christmas being just a day a way and all.” The man still had his smile in place but there was something about the look in his eye that told Abby and Kim that something had changed. Kim nudged Abby.
“I'll just go get the doll and show it to you, it is the genuine article though.”
“That'd be great.” Abby said.

“I have a weird feeling.” Abby shuffled on her platform boots. “He's seems nice and sort of genuine but something's a little off. You don't think he's going to try to sell us a fake do you?”
“I hope not.”
“Well I'm not paying for a fake. Timmy would kill me. He's probably going to kill me anyway when he realises what I spent on this doll when he told me to drop it. I'm just hoping the look on his Princess's face will make him melt.”
“And save your ass?”
“Yes or at least soften his blows a little.”
“Let's just hope we don';t both end up in trouble.”
“Christmas is all about hope Kimmy my friend.”

“Here you go, brand new and still in the box.”
“It's perfect.” Abby said with a sigh. She tried to take it but the guy held the package with a firm grip. “Is there a problem?”
“No not really. It's just that my girlfriend bought this doll and she was a bit upset that I was going to let it go for the price. She had a better offer.”
“How much better?” Kim asked.
“You're joking. You're already charging double what the doll was worth.” Kim said.
“I'm not forcing you to buy it Lady. I'm just letting you know that the price has gone up through no fault of mine. If you think you can get a better deal somewhere else you're welcome to try.”
“You're trying to cheat us!” Abby said pointing her finger in his direction and narrowing her eyes. “My husband is in law enforcement Mr. You're going to be real sorry you tried to rip us off.”
“I'm sure I will. I'll take that as a no, it's now too expensive. We'll sell to the other interested party.”
“No! Wait.”
“Abby.” Kim tried desperately to make eye contact with Abby but she was in full panic mode. She could see Jess's Christmas slipping away from her.
“I'll pay. I didn't say I wouldn't pay, I just said that you were ripping us off and you are but it's Christmas and I'm willing to be ripped off just this once.”
“Abby?” Kim said nudging her friend.
“It's ok really. It'll be worth it to see her face.”
“I hope so.”

Abby passed over the money and took the doll into her arms and hugged it, box and all. “This will be the best Christmas ever, despite you taking advantage.”
“Glad to be of service ladies.”
“You are SO lucky we lied to our husbands or you'd be one really sorry thief.” Abby said. She wanted so much to ring Tim and tell him what this guy had done. That though would mean admitting a lot of things that would be better left alone.
The door slammed in their faces leaving them no other choice but to leave.

“Well I guess we had the last word.” Abby said tottering down the snowy path still clutching her Saige.
“We need to get home.”
“First we need to get a surprise for Gibbs and some potatoes.”
“Yeah, how hard can that be; finding a surprise when the only thing still open is the grocery store.”


The two women trudged through the supermarket looking for the world's best gift.
“A shave pack?” Abby suggested holding up a box.
“Yeah, nothing says Christmas surprise like a razor and a bottle of Old Spice aftershave.” Kim said with a giggle.
“How about a mexican pack. We could make a hamper. You know; some corn chips some salsa and a can of refried beans.”
“Are you serious Abby?”
“No just desperate. It's really late and we've been through this place like a fine tooth comb. There's nothing.”
“Tools.” Kim pointed to a sign that lead to the tool isle. If she was correct, supermarkets only had the most basic of tools. Just the way Jethro like them. There must be something here Jethro would like.”
“Let's try.”

Twenty minutes later Abby and Kim left armed with everything a wood working enthusiast could want. The old-fashioned kind at least. The even got a container to put it all in.
“You think we'll be able to fool Gibbs?”
“What on earth are you going to tell Tim about where we've been for the last couple of hours?”
“Something 'll come to me.”
“Are you going to show him the doll?”
“Hell no. This shit has Santa's look and feel all over it. Let's let him take the credit. That would be better for everyone, don't you think?”
“I think you're crazy...but fun. I had a blast Abby.”
“Me too. Let's revisit this conversation tomorrow when we tell the others what happened.”


It was after midnight when Abby crept through the back door as quietly as she could.
“Abigail McGee! Where the hell have you been!” Tim scolded holding up her phone. “You didn't even take your phone. You've been gone for hours.”
“I know, I'm sorry Tim I guess I forgot.”
“It didn't take you that long to buy potatoes Abby.” It didn't escape him that she actually wasn't carrying any potatoes.
“No, I kind of forgot the potatoes.”
“Abby I'm going to give you one chance to tell me the truth. What's that you have behind your back?”
“You don't understand Timmy it was a sure thing. I had to.”
Tim reached behind Abby and his eyes widened when he realised what she had. “Where did you find it?”We bought it off a guy who had it for sale on Ebay. I know you said to drop it Timmy but I couldn't.”So you snuck around behind my back and drove to goodness knows where by yourself. That guy could have been an axe murderer Abby!”But he wasn't and I wasn't alone I was with Kim.”Well that's something. Not that I can see Kim defending you against a crazed maniac.”Kim rang Tim and I had to try. I just had to.”I guess we can return the other doll.” Tim said.
See it's not so bad.”So how much did you pay for this doll?”This doll?” Abby tried to keep the look of panic from creeping across her face. She hated it when she was forced to adjust the truth.


What did Abby and Kim get for Gibbs surprise?


  1. They got Gibbs old fashion tools and a case to put them in

    I love this story - it is perfect for Christmas

    1. Thanks you Margaret! Glad you’re liking it :)

  2. Great story and they got him old fashioned wood working tools.

    Can't wait for the next installment

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Starfairy! :) (I did dyslexic typing and had to fix it lol)

  3. I am soooo loving this special Christmas episode of my favorite family!!! Can't wait for Tim's and Gibbs' reactions when they find out about everything. It should be very interesting at lunch on Sunday. They got Gibbs "everything a wood working enthusiast could want....and even got a container to put it all in."


  4. Oh boy, Tim won't think it's a great deal when he finds out the price. It would be fun to see Tim and Gibbs confront that weasel for taking advantage of Abby's desperation. lol.

    Kim and Abby picked out basic wood working tools and a container to put them in :). Wonder if he'll be truly surprised.


  5. Gibbs might use his surprise gift of....
    "everything a wood working enthusiast could want. The old-fashioned kind at least. The even got a container to put it all in." To make a paddle. Thanks for this fun adventure.


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