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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Episode Chapter 3

Ok really sorry for the lateness. Christmas and family happened and then Fan fiction net wasn't working for me. I kept getting an error 304 or something. Anyway fixed now so here it is (this chapter at least) I didn't get this story finished but I will continue it until I do. I hope you enjoy the extra updates. Keep commenting on my blog Creatively Constance and I will choose a winner tomorrow even though the story isn't finished. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas :)

Chapter 3

“Abby, I asked you a question.” Tim's gaze was unwavering. He knew he wasn't going to like Abby'a answer but she was going to give him one. They'd talked before about her extravagant spending and they'd already spent a small fortune on the kids this Christmas.
Abby paused for a second while she put together her answer in her head. “I know how much you love Jess Timmy and I Know that you understand that there is no way you could possibly measure the love you have for a child and the things that are important to them.”
“Cut the crap Abby. How much money did you give the man for the doll?” Tim was very fast losing patience. He knew how Abby operated. She talked ten to the dozen while she tried to bamboozle him into thinking whatever she had done was right. Well not this time. “In American dollars exactly how much did you spend on the doll.” For emphasis he slapped two wooden spoons on the counter. A big one and a smaller one.

Abby looked at the two spoons with wide eyes. “But it's Christmas Timmy. What's money when it comes to your daughter's dreams?”
“Fine. You just chose the ending to your adventure.” He picked up the larger of the spoons in one hand and took Abby's hand with the other. “March.”
Abby clip clopped noisily behind Tim all the way up the stairs towards their bedroom. “I'm sorry Tim, really I am. I mean I'm not sorry that got the...” she quietened as they shuffled passed Jess's room. “you know the thing but Im sorry that it cost a lot and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you where I was going.”
“What do we call that Abby when you leave stuff out?” Tim shut the bedroom door.
Abby sighed “A lie of omission but I didn't mean to lie I was just trying to explain.”
“Abby if you're not going to be honest with me then at least be honest with yourself. You didn't tell me because I wouldn't have gone along with yours and Kim's crazy plans.”
“Maybe I didn't tell you because you weren't being very approachable.”
“You know that's not true. I went out several times looking for the doll you wanted and when I couldn't find it I did my best. You know that's true Abs.”
“I know Timmy. I didn't mean to make you feel like you hadn't tried.”
“I DID try.” Tim ran a hand through his hair with frustration. “I'm not going to debate this with you anymore. Go and stand in the corner.”
“But...” Abby jumped when the forgot spoon clapped off her bottom noisily.
Rubbing her bottom Abby hustled it into the corner, shedding her high boots as she went. She didn't even flinch when Tim tugged her pants to her knees leaving her standing there naked from the waist down.


“You're still up.”
“Uh huh.” Gibbs said, sipping the mug of coffee in his hand. “Get your surprise sorted?”
“Sure did.”
“Am I going to like it?”
“Who says it's for you?”
“I'm assuming that if it's a surprise from me then it has to be for me. Either that or you're up to no good.” Gibbs was slightly suspicious but not enough to call Kim on anything. After all if she was out getting a gift for him he could complain or make a fuss.
“What kind of no good could I get up to on Christmas Eve.” Guilt twisted Kim's tummy but she forced herself to smile. “Did you have any trouble getting the girls to sleep?”
“No they were fine. Excited about Christmas but fine. Oh and Beth wants to know if we are going to make shortbread cookies to take to Aunt Abby's. Apparently her Nanna always made shortbread at Christmas.”
“We are definitely making shortbread in the morning. I have Louise's recipe still.”
“Then we're all set to go for Christmas. I finished off the last of the presents for the other kids tonight. Are you sure you want to spend the whole night there? Isn't it going to be bedlam getting the kids all to sleep?"
“There's enough rooms to keep them separate if we have to. It'll be fun.”
“Of course it will.”
Kim didn't miss the hint of sarcasm in her husband's voice. “There's enough adults there to keep the kids under control and besides your Dad will be there. You know how he loves to read to all the kids.”
“So does Duck. We'll see who wins the battle between those two.”
“They'll work it out.”
“For now bed. I want to get as much sleep as we can; I have a feeling tomorrow we won't be getting much at all.”
“At least we'll all be awake and have fun together. Relax Jethro, it'll be just like a big slumber party.”


“Come on over Abby.” Tim called.
Abby chewed her lip nervously as she waddled awkwardly towards her husband, perched on the edge of their bed. It had been some time since he'd taken her over his knee but his intention was clear. Her tummy fluttered with a mixture of excitement and dread. That was a hell of a big spoon. “If I tell you how much the doll was will you be really mad?”
“It's not a matter of being really mad Abby. It's all about being unreasonably erratic with money and about trust. I don't cover things up with you and I don't adjust the truth to cover my own ass.”
“Let's be honest here Timmy your ass isn't the one that's in the line of fire.”
“Don't turn this around on me. I didn't do anything wrong.”
“I know. I'm sorry.”
“How much did you pay for the doll?”
“Before I tell you, I need to explain that we agreed on a price but then the man got a higher offer and so he upped the price. There was nothing I could do.”
“Abby. The man conned you. Two women with money in their pockets and desperation all over their faces, he knew he could push the boundaries.”
“Maybe but I wanted the doll.”
“How much?”
“It's gonna seem like a lot.” Abby shifted nervously on the spot she was standing between Tim's legs. She could feel the warmth of his hands on her bottom. The very same hands that were about to spank her. When he gave her cheeks a slight squeeze she answered immediately although very quietly. “ Six hundred dollars.'
“Six? SIX HUNDRED dollars?”
Abby was sure that Tim's eyes were about to pop right out of his head and roll across the floor. There was a vein that she had never seen before that was pulsing at his temple. “See I knew you'd think it sounded like a lot of money.”
“I IS a lot of money Abby. It's a MONSTROUS amount of money.”
“I know. I kind of got carried away.”
Tim shook his head and then tossed Abby over his knee. He picked up the spoon and smacked Abby smartly with it six times before standing her up. “That was to be going on with. THIS is not over but I'm too angry to take care of all your punishment tonight.”
“That really hurt.”
“Good. Don't expect me to apologise. You deserved it. Expect another spanking in the morning and whatever else I can think of that will make you understand the value of a dollar. Honestly Abby, just when I think you have turned into a grown up you go and do something that is completely ridiculous.”
Abby stood there feeling sore and lonely. Tim hadn't even given her a hug. “I'm sorry.”
“Go and get ready for bed. It's been a long day.” Tim held her pants while she stepped out of them and watched as she walked to the bathroom with her pink bottom on display.

Abby stood under the pulsing spray watching the suds as they slid off her body and circled the drain taking with it what was left of her Christmas spirit. She had been so excited about their big family Christmas but if Tim was mad at her then it all would mean nothing. He was the centre of her world.

Tears ran down her face and she squeezed her eyes shut trying not to give into the sadness that was welling up inside her. She'd brought this on her self. Why hadn't she just let it go and settled for the doll that Tim had found for Jess.

Try as she might she couldn't stop it. He shoulders started to shake, the lump in her throat burst and the uncontrollable sobs began. As she reached to turn off the water she felt the familiar warmth behind her. Her rock was back and she leaned into him as he wrapped her in his warm embrace. “It'll be ok Abs. You're still in trouble but we'll save Christmas.


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  1. Oh Abby. Can't say I'm surprised by Tim's reaction, but I'm so glad that he joined her to show that he still loved her.

    I'm sure Kim's not quite out of the woods. Hope the tool set is a REALLY nice tool set :).


  2. Poor Abby but Tim is so great! I am thinking Kim isn't home safe yet. I so want to go to the slumber party.

  3. Poor Abby!! And poor Tim!! He certainly has his work cut out for him. Kim better watch out cause her turn is coming. Kids, Sugar, Christmas, Slumber Party, Grandpa Gibbs and Abby and Kim gone wild.....can't wait to see what is going to happen



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