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Thursday, June 13, 2013

His Firm Guidance!

Today is the release day for my new novella His Firm Guidance through Stormy Night Publications. Beautiful cover by Korey Mae Johnson.

Ever had someone in your life that you just thought would always be there? What if one argument too many severed that friendship and you thought you wouldn’t get the chance to get it back? What if you got another chance?


Since the day that Tyler finally tired of watching Whitney waste her time with one worthless boyfriend after another while going nowhere in life, she has missed both his friendship and his caring encouragement.Looking back, she often wonders how things might have been different if he had actually spanked her as he once threatened.

Then, after yet another boyfriend-related disaster, a chance encounter in Las Vegas gives her something she never dreamed possible… a second chance with Tyler. After a night spent in an effort to drown their sorrows with alcohol, the old friends find themselves next to one another in bed with a marriage certificate proclaiming them husband and wife, and to Whitney’s secret delight, Tyler seems in no hurry tohave the marriage annulled.

Having Whitney as his wife is a nearly lifelong dream come true forTyler, and when he senses that she is sad about the idea of an annulment, he decides to take the bull by the horns. He suggests that  they give the marriage an honest try, with one condition. He cannot and will not watch Whitney ruin her life with one bad decision after another with no means to correct her, and he lets her know that if she wants to remain his wife, then she will submit to his strict but loving discipline when he feels it is needed.

Whitney is initially appalled by the idea of lying over her husband’s knee to be chastised like a naughty girl, but at the same time she cannot help but remember all the days she spent wondering what couldhave been. If a good, hard, bare bottom spanking whenever she misbehaves is the price she must pay to have the man of her dreams,she decides that she is ready to submit to his firm guidance. Many challenges must be faced, though, as the young couple seeks to build anew life together. Will they waste this second chance, or will they overcome every hurdle together as man and wife.


A shiver ran through Tyler as recognition pinged in his brain. If asked, he couldn't have said what it was that he recognised first. Her voice? Her scent? The electricity that charged the air between them was almost palpable. Who knew what it was? The one thing he did know without a doubt, before he even turned around to face her, was that the slightly tipsy young woman beside him was none other than Whitney Green, his long lost friend from high school.

“Whit?” he said, now looking into familiar eyes.

“Tyler?” she asked, squinting in disbelief. “Tyler Jackson?”

“In the flesh.” he said, trying to take in everything about her all at once. She was still pretty and her hair was still long. He'd always loved her red hair, how it hung thick and shiny over her shoulders and down her back. When he was young he'd often wondered, fantasised even about what it would feel like to have that soft hair spill all around them while their naked bodies rocked together in the back of his car. His balls tightened at the memory. It wasn't even a memory. It was a long forgotten fantasy.

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