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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Come and See How the Other Half Live!

The Grass Could Be Greener

Haven’t we all looked around us and wondered what it would be like to live someone else’s life? Maybe we like what they have or maybe we like what they are. Maybe we think we know everything and can show people a better way to live. For what ever reason there’s a little of the green eyed monster in most of us. 

So what happens when a modern thinking career woman finds herself smack bang in the middle of a home where the couple practice domestic discipline? A lot….


“Is it ok that my hands are showing?” Jamie asked smartly. “Or are these fingers, you know...too naked?” Seriously? She shocked even herself. The plan was to she push him but was that a bit much?

“Your hands are fine.” Joe said with barely concealed impatience. “Your attitude on the other hand...”

“I was joking.” she said. “Really. Surely the little woman is allowed to laugh.”

“Let's just get on with dinner.” he said. “It's your first night here and I've been off work today, so I'm happy to help. I thought we could make spaghetti.”

“Spaghetti will be fine.” she said. “Do the kids like that?”

“They like most things.” He said.

They managed to work together fairly peacefully, even chatting once in a while. Jamie did more of the salad than the actual meal. Jeremy was more of the cook at her house. He liked it, she justified to herself as she broke up lettuce leaves and chopped tomatoes. Besides, he always seemed to be home at that time. At least Joe seemed to be able to scare up a nice meal if the delicious aroma was anything to go by, that earned him a few points. It was such a shame though that they were having to partake of a lovely Italian inspired meal without wine. Things seemed to be going a little better but she was wound as tightly as a drum. A glass of red wine would have been really relaxing. She made a point to make sure to get some for when her week started. 

“So you and Sarah don't ever have a glass of wine or anything?” she asked.
“No.” Joe shrugged.
“You don't think it would like, relax you...make you a bit less uptight?”
“What makes you think I'm uptight?” Joe said with what she could have sworn was a hint of a smirk.
“Oh I don't know. Maybe the fact that you get all tied up in knots about clothes and shoes.”
“I'm not tied up in knots.” he said stirring his sauce. “Children learn what they live, that's all. If I don't like the influence you're having on my children then I'm going to tell you.”
“And if I feel strongly enough to stand my ground?”
“You better to make very sure you're ready for the outcome if you decide to go there.”
“Hmpfft.”she grumbled. “So that's a no to the wine then.”
Joe chuckled. “Yes Jamie that's a no to the wine. It was a no before you got here. It was a no when you read it in the rules, when you attempted to talk me into it and it's still a no now.”
“Fine.” she said. “I'll set the table.”


Jeremy and Jamie are a young married couple that live together but live separate lives. Jamie is a journalist that is obsessed with giving their two little girls everything... except for her time. Sarah and Joe are a happily married couple that have four children. Sarah is a stay at home mother who home-schools her brood. She and Joe are living in a domestic discipline relationship. When Jamie finds out that Joe spanks his wife she sets out to expose him as the abusive husband she believes that he is. It doesn't take long for her to end up over her fake husband's knee getting a first hand account of what it's like to be a spanked wife.

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