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Monday, October 1, 2012

Double Trouble...the Sequel to Becky's Last Chance!


Becky's Last Chance was my first published novella. It told the story of Becky, an out of control teenager who ended up in the care and control of Ryan, her father's offsider,  in her family home. 

She was secretly in love with Ryan and had been for years. We see Ryan and Becky's relationship grow as Ryan takes her in hand. We meet Kendall and Mike. Kendall is Becky's best friend and co conspirator to her mischief and Mike is Ryan's best friend. 

There a lot of open endings in this book...Becky's not so great relationship with her Dad and her terrible relationship with her enemy the Principal, who became her Stepmom. There was some fun and trouble with her best friend Kendall, who by the end was dating Mike, Ryan's best friend...the cop.

Double Trouble takes us on an up and down journey with Becky as she and Kendall go on a girl's night out and find big trouble. Then Becky has her Stepmom foisted on her for a week. They are all gathered for Kendall and Mike's wedding, and of course drama follows. 

This book I hope answers lots of questions and helps resolve some issues between Becky and her folks. There will also be plenty of spanking fun along the way as Ryan as usual, reigns his wife in....

An excerpt from Double Trouble...

While Becky and Kendall struggled with the car's locks, the other girls managed to get a couple of cabs without much trouble.

“Gots it,” Becky said finally, getting the door to open. Becky and Kendall were determined to get Ryan's precious new car home safely. It wasn't feasible to leave it parked in the city by itself. The fact that it would have been possibly safer parked in the middle of a busy intersection, than with either one of them driving it, did not seem to occur to either of them.

Becky clutched the wheel tightly and peered through the windscreen like being up close would help.

“You ok?” she asked her friend.

“Yep,” Kendall said sleepily.

By some miracle, Becky managed to get the car all the way out of the city without hitting anything. She wasn't exactly chatty though, especially as Kendall was snoring next to her. “You sleep,” she said, “I'mma lookising after you,” she muttered. She steered the car as best she could down the quiet country road, swerving this way and that all over the road as she weaved Ryan's car back to Kendall's house.

Elation hit her as Kendall's gate came into view at last. She narrowed her eyes so that she could focus on the entrance to the driveway, but it didn't help. She turned messily and crashed straight into the gate. Her eyes bounced open as wide as they were capable and she panicked. She put the car into reverse to try and undo the damage and then slammed on the brakes as she heard the metal crunch again. It was stuck on the gate.

“Oh no!” she said.
The loud noise had woken Kendall and she nodded. “That sounds bad,” she said. They climbed out to assess the damage.
Becky started to cry. It was the last straw.
“So’k,” Kendall said. “Mikesh hash toolsh. We can fixsh it.” Becky looked up hopefully. See that's why she loved Kendall. She always knew what to do. They'd make the car like new and Ryan would never know.

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