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Looking for some holiday reading?  Wish that you could get a sneak peek of your favorite authors’ fiction?  You’re in luck!  For the first time ever, the Spanking Fiction Authors’ group is presenting a collective Halloween short story extravaganza.  It’s trick-or-treating for adults, and we do mean adults

Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE!

  • $50 gift certificate to Blushing Books!
    (donated by Blushing Books)
  • $25 gift certificate to Eden Fantasy!
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  • $10 gift certificate to Amazon!
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What’s the catch?  Absolutely nothing!  We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership.  Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right?  ;)

Here are the rules:
  1. Visit each blog between October 29th and 31st to read the posted Halloween stories.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.
  3. Once you have visited and left comments on all of the blogs, visit (Link will NOT go live until the 29th).  Brownie points if you describe the Halloween costume you are wearing.
    Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -5) on October 31st!!
  4. Visit any of the participating blogs after Halloween to see who was lucky enough to win the prize.

As an extra treat, all Spank-or-Treaters are eligible for free books!
  • Traditional Love by Alta Hensley
  • To Love a Woman by Jade Cary
    Enter “spankortreat” as a promotional code to purchase free at Lazy Day (October 29-31)
  • Underwear Probation by Celeste Jones
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Participating Authors (subject to change) and story questions

Alice Dark  What kind of spanking do you think you deserve?

*Anastasia Vitsky  Describe one of the "lesson plans" you would recommend to Natalie.Prize: A short-short story (500-1000 words) describing you or me getting/giving the spanking of your choice.  Limits negotiated individually. Only one spanking in the story, please!

*Cara Bristol  What is your fantasy Halloween costume?Prize: $10 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner's choice)

*Celeste Jones  If you had magical powers, what would you do first?Prize: $10 gift certificate to Amazon

Constance Masters Who came to the door and caused Jenny’s big lie to come crashing down around her?*Prize: $10 gift certificate to Blushing Books

*Emma K. Gardner  What monster would you like to be spanked by?Prize: Halloween-themed Lush products

*Patty Devlin  Have you ever frozen your tushy off in costume like Cami for your husband?Prize: Gift certificate to Blushing Books

Renee Rose  Has your costume ever gotten you into trouble (the good or bad kind?)

*Starla Kaye  What kind of business does Kareena own?Prize: Eden Fantasy mask

*Sue Lyndon Do you think Tammy deserved extra spanks for attending a Halloween party panty-less while her husband was out of town?Prize: $10 gift certificate to Amazon

Rollin    Should Sam have left before things got so crazy?

*Denotes authors hosting an individual contest on their blog.  In addition to the grand prize, commenting on these authors’ blogs enters you in a separate contest for the prize listed.

Twitter hashtag: #spankortreat

The fine print:
Only one entry per person, please.  Late or incomplete sign-ups (i.e. only visiting some of the blogs) will not be accepted.  Participants must be age 18 or older.  Attempts to spank the authors will be met with ridicule or giggling, depending on the individual.  If the winner does not claim his or her prize within one week, another winner will be randomly chosen from the original participants.      

Here is my story…

The Devil Made Me Do It

“Come on!” Jenny said to her whining sixteen year old daughter as she poured packets of candy into a large bowl. “Daddy said no. You're grounded. End of story.”
“It can't be the end of the story Mom!” Hannah wailed. “Besides, Daddy's working. He'll never know. I could be back before he even gets home.”
“Hannah, you can whine and plead all you like but you know that if your father found out I'd let you go, there'd be hell to pay.”
“There's no WAY he'll find out! You said yourself he never gets home from these business dinners until the early hours. Please Mom, if you don't let me go to this party I'll be a social pariah! My life will be over!” Hannah's eyes filled with tears that swelled and formed big drops that balanced precariously on the edge of her long lashes. “Mommy PLEASE!” The big drops fell and ran slowly down her face, taking with them trails of mascara.


“I'm sorry honey.” Jenny said. “I know you can't see it right now but there WILL be other Halloweens and lots more parties. I promise. You can help me pass out candy to the trick or treaters.”

Jenny sighed and held her arms out to her daughter as she tried to harden her heart. Hannah ignored them and stomped off to her room making sure to thump her feet down on each step as she went. Before she got to the top she turned and gave her parting shot. “I thought you were different.” she said dramatically. “I thought you were the cool one. So did my friends. Won't they be surprised?!”

Jenny jumped when Hannah's door slammed shut. Maybe they were being too hard on her, she thought.


Phone in hand she went out onto the patio where she wouldn't be heard. “Mark?” she said as he answered.
“Hi.” Her husband could tell by the faltering tone in her voice that she was about to plead their daughter's case. Again. “Problem?”
“She hates me Mark. Well she probably hates you more but you're not here so at this very moment' she hates me.”
“Look, I'm not changing my mind. Our Hanny is getting out of control. She's broken the rules over and over. Driving her friend's car without a licensed driver beside her and getting a ticket, was the last straw.”
“She said she was sorry.” Jenny said. “I really think she meant it this time.”
“She also said it was an emergency.” Mark said pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Well to a sixteen year old girl it probably was.”
“Having to drive to the mall ALONE, to get more hair dye because Casey didn't buy enough, is NOT an emergency!”
“But Casey couldn't go...she already...”
“Stop right there. I'm not going through all this again. She didn't have to miss the party. YOU were the one that insisted that she was too old to spank. We agreed.”
“Sort of.” Jenny said sullenly.
“We agreed that she needed to be punished and since you WOULDN'T agree to a proper punishment, I had to decide. I did and I'm NOT changing my mind.”
“Yes it is fine.” he said ignoring the pout in her voice. “Just so you know though, I can hear your mind ticking from here. If you let her go to the party, SOMEONE will be getting spanked and it won't be Hanny. It's up to you to be the adult.”
“Fine.” Jenny repeated sulkily.
“And don't pout.”
“I'm not.”
“Yes you are. No one ever died from missing a party you know. Even on Halloween.”
“I better go.”
“I love you.” Mark said.
“I love you too.”


Jenny looked sadly up the stairs as loud irritating music blared through the closed door. Where had her happy baby girl gone. They'd always been so close and now it seemed like they were strangers. She had to have one more try at fixing this.

“Hanny!” she shouted over the top of the thumping music.
“Go away.” Hannah shouted back.
“Please Hanny. I just want to talk.”
“There's nothing to say.”
“Oh Hanny. I hate fighting with you like this.”
Hannah opened the door but stood there sullenly. Her arms were folded stubbornly and her eyes were looking anywhere but at her Mom.

Jenny didn't know what came over her but the words seemed to creep out of her mouth of their own accord. Maybe it was a ghost of halloween or something. “If I let you go Hanny you have to promise me you will NEVER drive by yourself again until you get your license.”
“I promise Mommy! I love you! You're the best Mommy in the whole world!”
“And you have to be back here by midnight.” she said. “Just in case your Dad gets off a little early.”
“I will, I promise.”
“What about a costume?” Jenny asked. She couldn't help it. It was wrong and she knew it but the look of elation on her daughters face made her heart leap.
“I'll get changed when I get there.” Hannah said. “That's half the fun.”
Jenny sighed, a little disappointed that she couldn't share in getting her baby ready. “You're sure that Lianna's parents will be home?”
“Yes Mom. They will be, I promise.”
“What's your costume?” Jenny asked.
“A bad fairy.”
“What does a bad fairy wear?”
“The same as a good fairy sort of...only black.”
“OH. Ok grab your stuff. I'll give you a lift.”


Several hours later Jenny opened a chocolate bar and nibbled on it. The trick or treaters had finally dwindled and she felt safe to sample what was left. She loved Halloween and all that went with it. They'd only been blessed with the one child and she had loved the years that she'd spent planning a costume and then making it for her little princess or fairy queen. Even the year she'd insisted on going as a witch she managed to make her the prettiest little witch on the block. Jen tried to picture Hanny dressed as a bad fairy. Nope, no picture came to mind, just a younger Hanny in a pink tutu with sparkly wings. She was broken out of her reverie by the rumble of her phone in her pocket.

“Hi honey.” she said, recognising her husband's ring.
“Hey. Guess what. We got the account.”
“That's great!” she said, genuinely happy for him. “So you going to celebrate?”
“I sure am.” he said. “I'm going to bring home some chinese food and spend Halloween with my wife and daughter. We haven't spent nearly enough family time together lately. Maybe we can talk Hanny into watching a scary movie with us.”

Jenny felt cold fear and panic wash right through her.
“Jen?” he said.
“That's great.” she managed to squeak out finally. “Really great.”
“You don't sound like it's great.”
“Um...oh of course, it's a wonderful...surprise.” she said. “I was just thinking that Hanny's in such a bad mood, maybe we should just let her sleep.” Then maybe I can sneak her in later, she thought.
“I don't think that's such a good idea. We need to connect with her more. Reopen the lines of communication.”
Fuck, Jenny thought. “Maybe. When will you be home?”
“Just have some paperwork to tie up.” he said. “About an hour, I'd say.”
“ 'Kay then.” she said. “I'll get everything ready.”


She shut her phone, grabbed her keys and tore out the door. As she drove towards Lianna's house she dialled Hanny's number. “Come on Hanny, answer please.” she said to the empty car. Nothing. Finally she screeched into Lianna's driveway.

“Hi Katie.” she said when Lianna's Mom answered the door. “I need to pick up Hannah.”
“Oh I'm sorry, they aren't here.” Katie said.
“Not here?” she said in a panic. “Where are they?”
“They went trick or treating. There was a whole bunch of them. They wanted to go later, you know in the dark.”
“Oh God. Do you know which way they went?”
“Not really. They promised to stay in a three block radius though. They're sixteen Jen. They can't get into too much trouble on foot.”
“No...but...look there's no other way to explain this. Hanny is grounded and I wasn't supposed to let her go. Mark was working late...”
“Oh...and now he's not?”
“Uh huh. I need to get Hanny home. Fast.”
“Look, you go home and try and buy some time. I'll look for the kids and I'll bring Hanny home.”
“Oh would you?” Jenny said gratefully. “You're a life saver.”
“No problem.” Katie said. “Todd would skin me alive if I found out I undermined him like that.”
You have no idea, Jen thought. “Thanks. I owe you one.”


Jenny raced through the front door, eternally grateful that they hadn't been toilet papered. Leaving the house unattended on Halloween wasn't the smartest move. She raced into the house and glanced at the clock on the wall before grabbing some plates out of the cabinet and dumping them on the table. Glasses and silverware followed and finally some cute pumpkin candles. She'd never set the table so fast in her life. Her heart was beating ten to the dozen as she dialled her daughter's number for the tenth time. Still nothing.

Jenny ripped open her closet and pulled out a costume she'd bought just in case. It was her only chance. Distraction. If she could convince Mark that they were better spending some quality time together instead of forcing a sullen teenager out of her might just work. She could get him up to the bedroom and sneak Hanny back in. After pulling on a red leather thong, the harried housewife squeezed herself into the skin tight red and black sequinned minidress with a long red tail that was part of her sexy devil costume. She teased her hair and applied heavy make up with bright red lipstick. Just as the headband with the devil horns was attached to her hair, the man of the hour pulled into the driveway. Jenny took the stairs two at a time, forgetting all about the clothes she'd been wearing with the phone in her pocket. “Here goes nothing.” she said.


Katie tried to call Jenny's cell for the fifth time but it just kept ringing. She'd driven up and down every street and there was no sign of the kids. She didn't know what to do. She'd go around one more time and then she was going to have to go get her husband to help, after all it wasn't just Hannah that wasn't accounted for now, it was every kid at the party. She couldn't believe they'd done this. They promised!


Mark stood in the doorway, his arms full of cartons of chinese and his mouth agape.
“Nice.” he was finally able to choke out. “Very nice.”
“You like?” Jenny asked him as she posed provocatively from the stairway.
“Oooh I like very much.” he said huskily. “But you can't wear that around Hanny.”
“Hanny won't be joining us.” Jen said, trying not to lie.
“Oh? I though we agreed that it would be nice to spend some family time.”
“Yeah, I know that was the plan, but Hanny's been in a mood all day and she finally fell asleep. I thought you might like to spend some alone time with me.” Jenny said, swallowing the lie while she tried to perfect a sexy pout.
“Maybe you're right. I got your favourites. I'm starving.” he said wandering over to the table with the food.
Jenny blew out a frustrated breath as she followed her husband into the dining room. Time was of the essence here, Hanny could be back at any moment. “I'm really not very hungry yet.” she said trying to keep the panic out of her voice.
“You ok?” Mark asked.
“Fine. I just thought we could go upstairs?” she said, striking yet another sexy pose.
Mark gathered his wife in his arms and kissed her deeply. “Nothing I'd like more but honey I really have to eat. I didn't have lunch and I was so busy trying to push through the deal so I could get home, that I only picked a little. It won't take long.”
“Ok.” Jenny said. She started opening the cartons so fast that she nearly knocked over the candles in the process.
“Careful.” Mark said. “What's brought this eagerness on? Not that I'm complaining.”
“Nothing, I um, I've just missed you lately is all.” That was the truth wasn't it?
“I've missed you too.”

Jenny did her best to swallow some of the food, but she was worried. She hadn't been able to coax Mark away from his dinner yet but more worrying than that was why Hanny wasn't home, and why Katie hadn't rung. Suddenly it dawned on her. Her phone! It was upstairs. “I'll be right back.” she said pushing her chair back and tearing up the stairs.


Mark sat back in his chair. Was that red thong under his wife's very short skirt leather? Suddenly food was the furthest thing from his mind. Her skirt had ridden up while she was sitting and as she ran off he'd been treated to a fine view of her virtually naked bottom. The sight of his wife's still perky round cheeks aways pleased him to say the least, but framed in that sexy thong...

Unable to resist Jen in that costume any longer Mark followed her up the stairs and was just about to enter their bedroom when he heard muffled voices. Jen was listening to her phone messages. Why was she was acting strangely? He couldn't quite catch what was being said but the hair stood up on the back of his neck. Something weird was going on around here. Before he could get to the bottom of it the front door bell rang.


Jenny could feel perspiration beading on her forehead as she listened to each progressively panicky phone message. By the time she got to the last one, a shiver involuntarily rippled through her and she sunk onto the bed. “I'm a dead woman.” she said. As she tried to put together another plan the doorbell rang.


“Hannah?” Mark said squinting at the the person who seemed to be his daughter. His eyes went from the heavily made up and scantily clad young girl to the policeman that was standing behind her and then back again to the girl that was supposed to be asleep upstairs.
“Hi Daddy.” the girl said sheepishly.
Yep it was her. The voice was the same, but that was about all. Her long red curls had been teased out and sprayed with some kind of glitter. Her eyes were ringed with black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. That didn't bother him too much, it was Halloween, but the outfit? Her outfit was like a fairy dress about four sizes too small....and it was black. Her legs were covered, well not exactly covered, the were clad in fishnet stockings with big rips in them...he dreaded to think what they looked like from behind...and she was taller. The SHOES! Was his little girl wearing hooker heels?
“What the hell are you wearing?” he asked finally.
“I'm a bad fairy. I'm sorry Daddy.” Hannah managed to say before bursting into tears.
The policeman coughed. “Because it's Halloween sir there've been no charges laid.”
“What?” Mark said. “I'm sorry? Charges. She's grounded. She wasn't even supposed to go out.” he tried to explain.
“Apparently she did anyway Sir.” the young cop said. “We picked up Hannah and a group of her friends as they were defacing a house. Like I said, it's Halloween and it's been a long night. I suggest you keep a better eye on your daughter in the future.”
“I...yes officer...I will.” he said. What else could he say.

He shut the door and stared at his daughter. “Get upstairs.” he said. “I'm too upset to even talk to you at the moment. And wash that stuff off your face!”


Jen watched from the top of the stairs as all of her carefully planned lies crashed down. She was taken aback by the outfit her daughter was almost wearing. While she'd tried earlier to picture Hanny's costume, she didn't dream for one minute that it would be ANYTHING like this. Suddenly her daughter was running towards her and she couldn't get away.
“Mother!” she said her face distorted with disgust.
It dawned on Jen what she herself had on. What a mess. “Don't you worry about me young lady, I'm an adult!” she said channeling her mother at last. If only she'd channeled her earlier and said no to the damn party. “You better go to your room.”
“Good idea.” Mark said as he headed up the stairs to join them.
Hannah ran and shut the door quietly behind her.


Jen winced under her husband's stern glare.
“Seriously?” he asked in a deadly quiet tone.
“I'm so sorry.” Jen said.
He grabbed her arm and marched her into their bedroom and slammed the door. “What were you thinking?”
“I wasn't.” she said.
“Did she sneak out or did she go with your blessing.”
“The latter.” Jen said. She would never throw her daughter under the bus to save herself.
“Well that's it then. I told you what to expect.”
“But she hated me. Really hated me and the words just slipped out. Really.”
“Firstly, she wasn't hating you, she was manipulating you. It worked apparently.”
“I know that now.” she said. “That costume was...”
“Inappropriate to say the least.” he said. “I'm so angry at BOTH of you, but mostly you.”
“I'm sorry that I lied.”
“Uh huh. You will be.” He towed her to the bed and sat down before upending her over his knee.
“What are you doing? You can't!”
“I think what I'm doing is PAINFULLY obvious.”
She wriggled and squirmed with all of her might in an effort to get off his knee but to no avail.
His hand came down with a sharp spank on her right cheek. She sucked in a huge breath to keep from yelling out. “Stop!” Jen hissed. “Hanny'll hear!”
Mark rolled his eyes. “Hmm.” he said grumpily.
His pause gave her hope that he might grant her a reprieve...not for long. A line of fire exploded across both quivering cheeks.
“What the fuck?” she let slip as she did her best to spin around and see what he was using.


“Watch your mouth!” he grumbled as he swung the end from the plastic pitchfork across her almost naked bottom. He had to admit that her naughty costume provided a very pretty target. The pitch fork was a stroke of genius. It was light and silent and stingy enough to have his wife wriggling desperately. A fact that made it extremely difficult to keep his mind on the job as his pants tightened around his swelling manhood.
“It's not my mouth I'm worried about!” she said, allowing a squeak to escape. “That thing hurts!”
“Sush.” Mark said. “I told you you would get spanked.” he said flicking the plastic stick across her burning bottom several more times. “AND, I will not tolerate you lying.”
“I'm sorry.” she said. “I'm really really sorry. I won't give in to her again, I promise.”
“You better not.” he said, striping her bottom with more stinging licks.
“And...I...won't lie.” She sobbed pitifully, when the spanking finally stopped.
“Good.” he said. He rubbed her back soothingly, offering the comfort she needed. When her sobs turned to hitched breaths he helped her to her feet and pulled her into his arms.
“What about Hanny?” she asked.
“Hanny will be lucky to see the outside of this house by Christmas.”
Jenny nodded. “Are you still angry?”
“No. You're forgiven.” he said squeezing her warm, well spanked cheeks. His bent to kiss her sweet lips and then trailed his kisses along her jaw line and down her neck. “I do like your costume.”
Jenny giggled. “I think you broke my pitchfork.” she said. “It's all bent.”
He chuckled. “I'll get you a new one. I think I like it.” He dumped her onto the bed beside him and peeled up her tight dress enough to hook his fingers in the thong and deftly removed it. “I KNOW I like these but we won't be needing them.” he said. “You tricked me, now it's time to treat me.”

Mark smiled at his wife's sharp intake of breath as he slid into her, pressing her stinging ass cheeks firmly into the bed. “Something to say? He dared her.
“Happy Halloween.”


Now here’s the fun part. Answer my question in the comments section and then move onto the next blog. You will then be in the running for my prize a $10 voucher from Blushing Books! Good luck and Happy Halloween reading.

Who came to the door and caused Jenny’s big lie to come crashing down around her?


  1. *giggle* That was a lot of fun! I'm not going to post the answer, though, because then everyone else will be able to just write the same thing. I loved the ending, and Jenny certainly deserved every bit of what she got!

  2. I agree- lots of fun in that one- Love that the police were the ones to bring Hannah home.

  3. Fun story, Constance. The Police brought her home.

  4. Enjoyed this story, Constance! The police showed up with Hannah.

  5. Great story! I saw this coming with my own teen troubles. lol
    Mr. Policeman brought her home!

    1. I think any of us with teenagers could see this as a possibility lol. Thanks Minelle :)

  6. Great story! The police brought their daughter home.

  7. Nice story. It was the police.


  8. That was a cute ,fun, story. Hannah the daughter with a police officer.

  9. A very real to life story, I enjoyed it. The policeman at the door was a surprise, I was expecting her friend.

    1. It could be real to life couldn’t it? LOL Glad you liked it Donnatella :)

  10. Haha, that was fun. The police brought Hannah home. Do they really give such concessions on Halloween?

    1. Glad you liked it pao! Do they make those concessions on Hallowween? Probably not lol but as someone once said, never let the truth get in the way of a good story :P

  11. That would obviously be the Policeman, but you could speculate that it was Hannah herself who along with the policeman came knocking too. And poor Jenny at the top of the stairs, well the rest is spank history........

    1. Yep! Poor timing lol. I think you’d be right on both counts :)

  12. Replies
    1. You’re right! In the draw for the prize :)

  13. The police officer and her daughter Hannah. I really hate when my kids break me down and I let them get me into trouble. I understand and feel for poor Jenny.

    1. I hate that too. Persistent sometimes aren’t they? LOL

  14. My son gets me into so much trouble! He has me wound firmly around his finger. A police officer and Hannah came to the door. The bent pitchfork may be worth the end result.


    1. KIds have a way of doing that if you don’t stay on your toes lol. Plenty more pitchforks in the shops :)

  15. Hannah and the policeman came to door!

    Wow, did I have a strong reaction to this story. Jenny getting spanked is totally appropriate because, Mark doesn't have one child, he has two! I can't believe how she let her daughter manipulate her just so she would be liked. And then she lied and tried to keep secrets from her husband. Wow!

    I know there's a lot of parents like that -- that want to be their child's friend. Children will have many friends throughout their lives but only their parents can be their mother and father. You can be their friend when they grow up. But you can't go back and parent!

    Jenny should be spanked and grounded. Mark was too light on her.

    Great story, Connie. I don't think I've ever rooted for a spanking as much as I did in this story.

    1. I was rooting for a spanking too as I was writing it. I’m glad you had a strong reaction to it, at least it shows that it engaged you. I hope that’s what it meant anyway lol. Glad you liked it :)

  16. So tasty, my dear. I love the way you write.

  17. Loved the story. Hannah and the policemen couldn't have arrived at a worse time.

    1. Glad you liked it sunnygirl, your right, timing sucked :)

  18. Great story. Hannah showed up at the door with the police. Jenny definitely deserved that spanking.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Kelsey and you’re right Jenny did deserve that spanking :)

  19. Hannah and he police

    great story

  20. Hannah and police....
    Great story...

  21. Hannah and the police officer! I don't know what Jenny was thinking! Thanks for the story!

    1. I don’t think Jenny was really thinking…well not straight anyway LOL. Thanks for reading my story Sassy :)

  22. The police and Hannah the bad fairy. What timing!

    1. Yep. timing was terrible! Thanks for reading and commenting Mera :)

  23. Great story!! Hannah and the police man showed up at the door!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Renee! I’m up to yours next! Looking forward to it :)

  24. Replies
    1. Sorry for the deleted comment, Constance. Just wanted to make a cosmetic change. Great story! For my "in-character" comment see reply below.

      claire aka 1950s Wife

  25. Hannah and the police man showed up at the door. I hope the cop at least got a leftover egg roll for not busting her.

    1950s Wife

    and from her alter ego, claire, I love this story! Been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt, from both Hannah and her Mom's perspective (Well not the Mom's perspective at the story's end but you know what I mean.)


    1. LOL Glad you liked it Claire! I think we’ve all been there. :)


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