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Friday, July 5, 2013

Saturday Spankings

It’s Saturday Spanking time again where we all get the chance to share eight sentences from one of our works. Today I’ve decided to share a little of The Grass Could Be Greener. In this excerpt Sarah, the female character that is used to being a stay at home Mom that home schools, is starting her first day of Jamie’s life. She’s trying to get dressed for work but she’s totally out of her comfort zone. Her mind drifts back to another time when she’d been feeling insecure and how Joe had helped her out of her patch of insecurity…

“Are you sure they’re all asleep?” she asked from the corner. 

“Positive.” came the answer. “Now hush.” 

“Even Zeke and Josie?” 

“All of them, Sarah. Now HUSH.”

“Can I please at least put on a T–shirt or something?”

A sudden burst of stinging heat on each cheek answered her question but a

negative response followed anyway. “No.”

She sniffled as the tears that so far were unshed escaped and ran down her

flushed cheeks.


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