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Friday, February 8, 2013

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“I have to work late tonight Babe.” Jonathan said as he shrugged on his jacket. “Don't hold dinner for me but I'll try not to be too late.”
“Ok.” Tara said feigning a pout. “I'll miss you.” Actually it would be perfect.

Valentine's Day was just two weeks away and Tara wanted to do something special this year. Not just special but spectacular. She had an idea...a really special idea. She wanted to put a fancy picture of herself up on a billboard for Valentine's Day for her beautiful new husband. This was their first Valentine's as a married couple and it had to be big. She knew doing that it would normally cost a fortune but as luck would have it, the mall had six different billboards prepared and waiting for a competition and several of them faced the building where her Jon worked. She could only imagine how happy he'd be and how proud when he looked out the window and saw his surprise. He could show all of his work buddies how much she loved him.

The competition was beginning the next day. All she had to do was have some photos taken, upload them onto her computer and add just the right text. Simple. The best entries got a billboard from midnight on Valentines until midnight the following evening. All she needed was someone to take the pictures and she'd be all set.


“Lily...” Tara said breathlessly when her sister answered the phone. “I need your help with something urgently.”
“Hi to you too.” her younger sister answered with a smile. “What can I do for you?”
“Sorry. I'm just excited. I was hoping you could come and take some pictures of me for a competition.”
“What kind of competition?”
“The billboard one at the mall.” Tara said waiting for the penny to drop. “The Valentine's Day one.” she added when Lily didn't answer.
“Okay...I have no idea what you're talking about but of course I'll help. I have nothing on today.”
“Thank you so much. I'll explain when you get here. I'll even feed you.”
“I'll bring the wine. Be there about midday.” Lily said before ringing off.


Tara put together a salad and popped some rolls in the oven to warm. The lasagne was nearly done and Lily was due to arrive any minute.

She threw a bunch of dresses onto the sofa just as the door bell rang. “Hey.” she said hugging the dark haired younger version of herself as she struggled in, camera bag draped over her shoulder, another bag with several bottles of wine and her tripod awkwardly balance under her arm. “Thank you so much!”
“No problem.” Lily said. “It's time we caught up. Haven't been able to tear you away from your other half since the wedding.”
“Yeah I know.” Tara said. “ we have all day. Jonathan is working late.”
“Ok then.” Lily beamed. “I love Jonathan but it will be nice to spend some alone time with you.”
“I've missed you too.” Tara said.
“Ok. Enough soppy talk. Tell me about this competition and what you have planned.”
“I'll tell you while we eat.” Tara said heading into the kitchen to serve the food.

An hour later Tara was draining her third glass of Merlot. “So I was thinking something formal and classy.” she said. “Why don't I try on some of these and you can tell me what you think.” She nodded towards the pile of dresses on the sofa.
“Yep.” Lily said getting up to flick through the array of clothes. “Well it's Valentine’s so you probably want to go with either red or black with a splash of red.”
“This then?” Tara asked holding up a slinky red dress.
“Hmm. Maybe.” Lily said tapping her lip with a finger. “Oooh. THIS.” she said grabbing a red spotted dress from the bottom of the pile. “I LOVE this retro look.”
“I have fishnets...” Tara said, refilling their glasses.
“Yes. Fishnets and pearls?”
“Mum lent me hers the day of the wedding and I haven't given them back yet.”
“Perfect.” Lily said. “Go get changed.”


Lily had Tara move from one position to the next until she had a good selection of photos. They'd have to be able to find something they could use.
“You know, this is a really cute idea.” she said. “And a good choice for such a public present.”
“There's a but coming isn't there?” Tara giggled into her wine glass.
“Maybe...” Lily smiled. “You know like I said, this is cute and all but, wouldn't you like to have a more sexy present to give know in private?”
“I think we should shoot some more pictures, but this time go for less clothes.”
“When you say less clothes?”
“Basically all of them.”
“You wanna take nude shots of me?” Tara asked wide eyed.
“Why not. After all, you are going to be Jonathan's real present.”
Tara wrinkled her nose. “I don't know...” Having her photo taken wearing nothing...could show up all of faults glaringly, not to mention getting naked in front of her sister. Not that they hadn't gotten changed in front of each other before...they'd shared a room.
“Come on...please? It'll be fun and it'll give me a chance to work on some more arty stuff.”
“You're not going to show any of these at school or anything are you?” Tara asked. She knew that Jon would be seriously upset if he found out there were naked shots of her circulating the internet or anything.
“Of course not.” Lily said. “Look we'll take the photos and keep each set separate. One we'll fiddle with and send to the mall competition and then we'll choose another one and put it in a frame.”
“Ok.” Tara said. What the hell. You only live once, she thought.

After slipping out of her clothes and posing again for another ten minutes, Tara flopped inelegantly into the couch. “Fill me up please.” she said passing Lily her glass. Her slight edge of embarrassment had slipped away about a glass and a half before.
After topping up her sister’s glass, Lily flopped down into another chair. “You know...something's missing.”
“My clothes?” Tara giggled.
“We need something Valentiney.” Lily mused.
“The wine's red...” Tara said helpfully.
“I've got it.” Lily squealed, ignoring her Tara's suggestion. “Where would I find your Christmas decorations?”
“In the hall closet.” Tara watched curiously as Lily hunted around and then came up triumphantly with her prize.


“These photos are perfect!” Lily said as she scanned her camera. “You sure you don't want to use these for the competition?”
“Nah. Jonathan would have a fit!” Tara said. She wouldn't need any red decorations, she thought. Her husband would decorate her ass until it was rosy and shiny enough to see his face in. She couldn't really explain that to Lily though.
“Maybe for two minutes, but he'd soon get over it when he saw how beautiful you looked.”
“Want to stay for dinner?” Tara asked as she pulled a nightshirt over her head, trying to change the subject.
“I'm not really hungry.” Lily said. “But why don't we go through the rules of the contest and pick your photo and send that off and then we can choose the photo you're going to put in a frame.”
“Ok.” Tara agreed.

As they went through all the photos for the second time Lily grinned. “I love this one.” she said.
“Yeah, Jonathan's going to love that one too.” Tara said wistfully.
“You're tempted to use that one aren't you?” Lily asked.
“No. I mean it's well done. You did a great job....but...”
“I know, Jonathan wouldn't like it.” Lily said. She took a sip of her wine followed by a deep breath. “You know hon, if you want to use that one you should use that one. The other one's nice and tasteful...” she said pointing to the photo with the dress and the pearls. “but this one is...different.”
“Hmmm. I don't know that they'd even use that one. I'm naked.”
“Only from the side. It is covered sort of...a bit...”
Tara almost choked on her wine. “Seriously, no.” she said.
“Ok then...if you're that henpecked after such a little while though... just saying.” Lily mused, knowing exactly how to push her sister's buttons.
“I'm not henpecked.”
“I'm not.”
“Like I said. Ok. I'll drop it. You're the one that knows your relationship best.”
“I do.”
“Ok then.”
“I can do what ever I want.” Tara said somewhat petulantly.
“Good.” Lily said with a shrug, trying to keep the grin that was threatening to escape her pursed lips from spreading across her face.

Tara knew that Lily didn't believe her and it really got to her. Maybe a few bottles of wine ago it wouldn't have gotten to her as much, or maybe she would have been able to come up with a better excuse than 'Jonathan wouldn't like it', but unfortunately that ship had sailed and her mind was no longer clear. “Oh alright. Let's go with the naked shot.” she blurted.
Lily clapped her hands excitedly. “Yes!” she said. “Where are these contest rules?” She was eager to get this thing moving before Tara changed her mind.
“It is a shame though...I like this one too.” she said, already second thoughts were trying to break into her conscious thoughts.
Feeling a little bit guilty for pushing her big sister, Lily offered a compromise. “I tell you what...let's use both.” she said. “Look I'll show you. I'll make it like a card. The sedate one on one side and the other side will be that one.”
“Oh nice!” Lily's enthusiasm managed to quash her second thoughts and sense of self preservation.

Lily read over the rules carefully and frowned. “You know you have to get your photo in by tomorrow morning?” she said.
No!” Tara gasped. "I was sure it said longer than that. “Valentine's isn't for another two weeks.”
“No but they have to look at all the entries. “It says that the winning six photos will be judged on their originality. They're looking at the bet photo that says 'Happy Valentines Day, I Love You' without having to use any words.” Lily read out loud. “Perfect. You're a shoo-in to win this hon.”
“Do you think?”
“Oh yeah.” Lily said. “If you're happy with this then I think we should send it now.”
Tara blinked. “Right now?”
“Yeah well you have to send it tomorrow anyway and the deadline is ten in the morning. You don't want to risk missing out do you?”
“Well no.” Tara said.
“He'll be thrilled.” Lily said. “Who wouldn't be, to have their gorgeous new bride go to so much trouble?”
“I guess.” Tara said tentatively.
“Come on. Fill out the form and then you can decide which way you want to do it.” Lily said. “We can go with the one very staid and ordinary photo or we can go with your wild side if you still have one.”
“I haven't changed.” Tara said. “Have I?”
“A little.” Lily said. “I still love you but it's nice to know my unrestrained, try anything once sister is still in there somewhere.”
“Of course I am. It's not like that. It's just that when you're married you have to consider the other person's feelings too.”
“What red blooded male wouldn't want to see THAT?” Tara argued.
“True...” Tara smiled. Her ass was her husband's favourite part of her body. He spent a lot of time looking at it, touching it...sometimes not too gently or gently at all. Her tummy flipped and she shivered as sparks of pleasure shot through her. Oh, he wasn't going to pleased at her naked picture but if she played it right...the spanking she'd get might not be all bad.
“Tara?” Lily asked. Curious at Tara's vacant look and flaming face.
“Sorry?” Tara was shaken out of her naughty thoughts.
“Which picture hon? I think you may have had enough to drink.”
Tara giggled. “I like the double picture. Let's go with that.”
“Good.” Lily said happily.


Half an hour later when Jonathan arrived home, Lily stood up to leave. They'd put all the clothes away and packed her camera equipment back in her car so Jon wouldn't be tipped off to his surprise.

“Hey Jonathan.” she said. “I was just about to go.”
“You don't have to go because I'm home.” he said.
“Nah, it's ok.” she said. “It's been a long day.”
“Looks like it.” Jonathan smiled, taking in the empty wine bottles stacked neatly on the kitchen counter and his wife snoozing in a chair with her legs slung over the arm. “How'd you get here?”
“I drove.”she said.
“Why don't you stay.” Jonathan said. “I'll fold out the couch.”
“It's ok.” Lily said. “I'll be fine.”
Jonathan held out his hand. “If you really want to go you can get a cab.” he said “I'll mind your keys until tomorrow.”
“Nah, I'll take them.” Lily said. “Otherwise I won't have them in the morning.”
Jonathan frowned. “Come on Lil hand them over.”
“No Jon.” Lily said. “I'll be fine.” She made for the door but was stopped in her tracks when Jonathan jumped in front of her.
“Give me your keys, please.” he said. “Then I won't worry about you.”
“You are such a control freak.” Lily argued. “I'm too tired for all your macho bullshit tonight.”
Jonathan shook his head. He loved his sister in law but she was exasperating at times. His hand itched. He'd love to toss her over his knee and spank the daylights out of her. “Good, I'm too tired to put up with your childish bullshit.” he said. “Just hand over your keys or we'll be dancing by the door the entire night. You are not leaving this apartment tonight unless you do.”
Lily folded her arms and a stare off began with neither looking away for a full minute until finally the stubborn young girl looked down. “Fine!” she grumbled. She rooted through her bag and tossed Jonathan the keys, trying not to acknowledge what she took as his smug look.

Relief washed through Jon and he hugged the younger girl. “Good girl.” he said. “As soon as Tara can drive tomorrow we'll bring back your car.” he said.
“Ok.” she said reluctantly returning his hug. “Thanks.”


In the weeks leading up to the big day Tara suffered from very mixed emotions. Once her hangover had lifted and her mind had cleared she'd tried to contact the competition organisers to get back her entry but they weren't interested. Apparently it was in the small print. Once you clicked the send button there was no going back. She'd swung from being excited one minute to being worried the next. Gradually though, the excitement had wained to be replaced totally with a nervousness that send a tingling feeling to her bottom nearly every time she was in her husband's presence. She just had to hope that on Valentine's Day, Jonathan would be wearing his sense of humour and an open mind, enough to enjoy his present anyway. She did toy with buying a plane ticket to somewhere so she could escape but discounted that finally and settled on cooking his favourite meal.

Jonathan had organised his own surprises. A long stemmed red rose was going to be delivered, he'd bought chocolates and some pretty lingerie along with a couple of extra little surprises that took his fancy. He was looking forward to spoiling his girl on their first Valentine's Day since they had been married. She deserved it.


Jonathan sat on the edge of the bed in his work suit and watched Tara as she blinked awake.
“Hello you.” she said.
“You're so cute when you're sleeping.” he said kissing her lips softly. “Happy Valentine's. You want to do presents now or later?”
“Happy Valentine's Day. Can we do them tonight?” she asked. It hadn't occurred to her until then that she might not win a prize in the competition at all. She needed time to get him a real present.
“Sure.” he said. “I hate to have to run out so early but I have a breakfast meeting.”
“Can I at least have a proper kiss?” she asked, running her hands along his freshly shaven face and pulling him towards her.
Jonathan chuckled as he allowed himself to be pulled into her embrace. He savoured the feel of her as she kissed him deeply. He might be fully clothed and ready for the day but the woman he loved was naked in his arms. He wished that he could shake off his clothes and climb back into bed beside her. "I love you.” He groaned. “I wish I could stay.”
“I wish you could stay too.” she whispered.
“You know that's not how things work.” He kissed her one more time and reluctantly unwrapped her from his body. “We'll definitely pick this back up this evening but I do have to go.”
“Ok. If you must.” she sighed.

As soon as Jon was safely gone Tara jumped on her computer. “I won!” she shouted. “Oh God...I won.” Her tummy was churning. Maybe he'll like it? She thought.


Jonathan walked passed the various work stations on his floor, curious at the sniggers and smiles he was receiving.
“Nice ass.” someone shouted.
He frowned. Had he split his pants or something? He didn't want to give his immature work colleagues the pleasure of seeing him check. When he finally got to his own station by the window he was even more curious. A small group of people dispersed like ants as he got closer. “What's going on?” he asked his friend who sat at the desk behind him. When his friend Rob said nothing, but pointed, he followed his finger...there was his wife... on a billboard. His mouth dropped open. There spread all over the giant sign was his wife's naked bottom.  

         “Oh my God.” He said. “What was she thinking?”

“I think it's probably a Valentine's present of some description.” Rob said trying to keep a straight face. “There's a lot of guys that'd be happy to go home to that every night.”

“I am happy to go home to that every night. More than happy. I love everything about my wife.” Jonathan said not even noticing the attention he was now getting from chuckling and giggling onlookers. “That's the point. Her body is meant to be for home…not for a public display. STOP LOOKING!” he growled.

“I can't help it.” Rob said. “It's huge and it's right there. The poster I mean, not your wife's ass.”

“Stop it right now.” Jon said.

“Ok, ok.” Rob said now openly giggling like a little girl.

“Haven't the rest of you got something to do?” Jonathan said, trying to sound more in control than he felt.


Jonathan turned to see his boss standing behind him. “Sir I...” he started. How does a person explain to their boss that their wife had taken leave of her senses and put up a giant naked photo of herself. Luckily for him, that didn't seem to be necessary.

“Go and see if you can get them to take it down.” the older man said sympathetically. Then take the rest of the day. This will have all blown over by tomorrow.” he said pointedly to the rest of the crowd that had scurried back to their desks.

Jon couldn't get out of there quick enough. He didn't say another word. He picked up his briefcase that he hadn't even unpacked and walked out of the office with as much decorum that he could muster. Inside his his head he was making plans for just exactly what he was going to do to that bare bottom.


Tara paced up and down the apartment wringing her hands, stark naked. She'd gotten a phone call from her husband when he hadn't been gone from home for more than an hour. All he'd said were seven words.

“Get naked and stand in the corner.”

Tara nibbled the inside of her cheek. She'd contemplated trying to be cute and retying the ribbon around her bottom before standing in the corner but she'd chickened out. She thought about hiding every wooden implement in the house but she knew that would only make it worse, besides, he was wearing his belt. There was no way she could make that disappear and she didn't want to force him to go there. Oh where was he? The waiting was the worst. She was about to turn for another lap of the small apartment living room when she heard her husband's key in the lock. She bolted for the corner.


Jonathan walked straight up to Tara and took her hand. “Come.” he said towing her over to the couch. He sat and pulled her down next to him. “Well this didn't turn out to be the Valentine's Day either of us hoped for did it?”

Tara's eyes filled with tears. “Thank you for my rose.” she said pathetically.

“Hmm. You're welcome.”

“I wanted to surprise you too.” she said, her lip wobbling.

Jonathan's eyebrow rose. “You did that.” He said. “You also surprised everyone in my office, even my boss.”

“I’m... sorry.” she said with a hitched breath.

“Who took the photos?” he asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Does it matter?” she asked.

“Answer the question please.”

“Lil.” she said quietly.

“The day you two spent the day drinking?” he asked, his eyes hardening.

“Sort of.”



“So you thought it would be a good idea to make a decision about whether or not to expose your naked body to the world, after you had been drinking all day?”

“I know. It wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done but there was no going back.”

“I know.” Jon said. “I went up to the mall office to ask them to take it down. They refused. THAT is why you don't ever make important decisions when you've been drinking. Sometimes those decisions just can't be reversed.”

“I know...” Tara wailed.

“Do you know how embarrassing it was for me to walk through the office with everyone laughing at me?”

Tara nodded enthusiastically as she tears ran down her pink cheeks.

“It was even worse that you put a normal, beautiful picture right next to it. It told everyone the naked bottom was yours.”

“You liked the other one?” Tara asked.

“I loved it.” Jonathan said scrubbing a hand through his hair. “I loved both of them.”

Tara tried to smile.

“You know I've a good mind to buy another billboard and put up another two pictures. The naked one and it's after photo. The bottom after I've spanked it.”

“No!” Tara wailed.

“I wouldn't do that.” Jonathan said. “You know why?”

“Because some things are private?”

“Exactly. Some things are between a couple and they don't need to be shared.”

“I wouldn't mind sharing my spanking with my sister.” Tara said.

“Neither would I.” he said with a grin. “That's not going to happen though. I think the best we can do is try and introduce her to someone else that might take care of that one day.”

“Are you still mad?”

“Not so much.” he said.

“You're still going to spank me aren't you.”

“Oh yeah.” he said. “Stand up.”


Tara let out an involuntary grunt as she landed unceremoniously across his knees. She shot one hand out to steady herself with the floor and the other shot back to protect her when the smacks started to come immediately hard and fast. “Stop Jon!” she squealed. “You're doing it too hard.”

“Hush.” he said capturing her hand within one of his own larger ones and slapping her wriggling bottom with his free hand.

Never one to take a spanking gracefully, Tara kicked a yelled and tried to break free as Jon's unrelenting hand pummelled every part of her rapidly colouring hot cheeks several times over.

Jon helped his sobbing wife to stand between his legs. “We're not finished yet but I think it's time for you to have a little break and open one of your presents.” he said.

“I... still get presents?” she asked suspiciously.


He handed her a prettily wrapped parcel and she sighed. This wasn't going to be good, she could feel it in her bones. She picked open the present slowly, instead of with her usual ripping method. Finally she held up her prize. “You shouldn't have.” she said, holding the pretty red heart shaped wooden paddle between two fingers like it might bite her. “Really.”

“Come on.” Jon said. “Back over.”

“I don't think I deserve to have a present today when I've been in trouble.” Tara whined.

“Nice try.” Jon said. “You really deserve this one.” Once again he tipped his naughty wife over his knee. He rubbed the paddle over each cheek in circles. “Stop clenching.” he said.
“I’m trying but I’m scared, it’s gonna hurt.”
A sharp tap on the back of each thigh and she did manage to unclench and the paddle landed with a hard thwack, first on one cheek and then on the other.

“Please Jon...that hurts.” Tara cried, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“It's meant to.” Jon said. He peppered her quivering cheeks up down and all over until he was satisfied that a lesson had been learned. Her red heart shaped Valentine’s present then clipped the underside of each cheek several times making her squeal.

The paddle landed at Tara's feet and she sucked in a cleansing breath. “No more?” she sobbed.

“No more baby.” Jon helped his beautiful young wife to her feet and pulled her into his arms.

“I'm sorry.” she said crying harder than ever.

“I know Honey, it's over now.”

“I'm sorry that you didn't get a good present she said.”

“I got the perfect present…or I will have.”


The next day Jonathan tapped a hook onto the back of their bedroom closet and then fetched the picture he'd had framed. His wife's beautiful naked bottom all tied up with a red ribbon. Her well spanked cheeks all decorated with red hearts from her Valentine paddle. The best present ever.


My question: What piece of jewellery did Tara wear that was lent to her by her Mom?

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    1. I think you’re right Thomas. I don’t think Lily should get off scott free! Thanks for commenting :)

    2. Forgot to add in my email. Guess I should do that.

  39. She wore her mother's pearls!

    Loved it!

  40. Mothers pearls.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  41. Tara wore the Pearl necklace that her mother lent to her for her wedding that she hadn't returned yet.


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The Romance Reviews

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