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Thursday, January 2, 2014

For the Cold Hands Warm Bottoms Blog Hop… Skating On Thin Ice

  • Skating On Thin Ice

    Ginny loved this house. She'd only been there for one night but she already felt at home. When she got there the day before there was a fire blazing and fresh biscuits on the table covered with a checkered cloth. Welcoming was the only word she needed to describe it. She had an inkling the welcome was the handiwork of a certain neighbour.

    Ginny loved this little log cabin from the moment she'd stepped inside. On the outside it looked small but on the inside it was open plan and quite roomy. It had been recently renovated so it was a modern plan. The best part about it was that it was away from everything. She wouldn't have to worry about cameras or people asking her for autographs. She could just relax and do what ever she wanted without having to answer to anyone else, specially her mother. Her nearest neighbour was miles away, although she wasn't sure that was a perk. He'd been introduced to her when she'd viewed the place as the person who'd done the renovations. The hottie was definitely someone she'd like to get to know.

    Her ringing phone broke into her thoughts.
    “Were you not even going to tell me that you left?”
    “Hello Mother.” Ginny said as sweetly as she could manage. “I was going to send you a text.”
    “A text? Is that all you think I deserve, a text?”
    “No Mother, it's just easier sometimes. You're overpowering sometimes.”
    “How can you say such thing? I've managed your career since you were four months old, I've always have your best interests at heart.”
    “I know that you think that Mother, but the truth is I need a break. The show is on hiatus and I am free to do what ever I want.” The fact that her mother actually thought it was normal for a baby to have a career always confused and annoyed her. All she'd ever wanted to be as a child was normal and now she just wanted to be Ginny for a while and not Beth from As Long As You Live.
    “You're taking a break? If you'd said something I would have come with you. Where are you?”
    “Somewhere you'd hate.”
    “I don't understand. Are you in a hotel? A resort?”
    “Not exactly.”
    “Oh for goodness sake stop talking in riddles. Where are you?”
    “I bought a cabin, in the country.” Ginny was not going to going to tell her mother where this cabin was. Regardless of the lack of finer amenities she would be there in a flash.
    “Well! I know you have just gained control of your money Ginny but you could have asked for my advice.”
    “I got advice Mother, from a professional.”
    “So I take it I'm fired?”
    “Not from being my mother Mom. It's a business thing. I'm an adult now. I want to make my own decisions.”
    “So I suppose I better spend the winter looking for a new job.”
    “It's not about the money Mom, I'll make sure you're alright. This is about taking care of my own life.”
    “Fine. Enjoy your vacation. Will you be returning to your work?”
    “Of course I'll be returning to work Mo..” The phone went dead and Ginny was forced to hang up. Damn. She hadn't meant to hurt her mother's feelings but there was no way around it that wouldn't have ended up the same way. If she'd told her in person her Mom would have been in the car beside her and in the room complaining now.


    Ginny rubbed her arms. It was cold; she'd let the fire die out. That's why the biscuit leaver had suggested, in a note that she keep adding logs. She'd have to start again even though she really wanted to try out that lake. Having a real lake to skate on had always been a dream. If she went skating now though, it would be freezing in there when she got back. She picked a block of wood out of the woodbox and put it inside the fireplace. Next she spread a little kindling and a screwed up a piece of paper. Finally she threw a lit match inside and watched for a while until the log started to flame. Perfect; all she had to do was get ready. What if her neighbour just happened by? Better look cute while she was doing it.


    Matthew drove his truck slowly down the road. He was almost home. As he drove past the old Hunter cabin though he noticed a slight puff of smoke coming from the chimney.
    “New neighbour must have moved in.” he said to his empty truck. Tomorrow he'd stop by and pay a visit but for now he was bone tired and starving. The young man squinted when he thought he saw someone out on the lake. “Damn! That girl's out there on the lake!” He turned his car more carefully than he would have liked down the snow-covered road that lead to the edge of the lake. “Of all the stupid, irresponsible...” If he was right that ice couldn't be more than a few inches thick. He just knew that girl was going to be trouble from the moment he met her with her face full of make up and her city clothes flirting with him in the freezing cold with half the buttons on her shirt undone.
    “Stop where you are!” he called as he leapt out of his truck.
    She turned, her hair flipping around with the movement. She smiled before turning and skating towards the middle of the small lake.
    “Hey!” he yelled. This time the little brat didn't even turn, she just gave him a backwards wave and kept going. “Little fool.” he grumbled. He went to the back of his truck in search of a few supplies. He may be overreacting but it was better to be ready than not. He grabbed a long rope and tied it round his waist before securing it to the bumper of his truck. At least he'd be able to pull her out if she did fall in. If she didn't fall he might just use it anyway, to whip her stubborn backside.


    Ginny was enjoying herself already but when she saw the young hunk get out of his truck and call to her she began to enjoy herself even more. She loved to skate and was quite good if she did say so. He obviously thought so too by the way he was trying to get her attention. May as well give him a show.

    She skated hard into the centre of the pond picking up speed along the way. First in a forward motion, doing crossovers to make what she hoped was a perfect circle. Then she turned and did the same backwards. She almost forgot her audience of one as she lunged and looked up. There was patches of blue sky laced between the tips of the snow-covered trees. It was so beautiful, and so different from looking up at the dingy tin roof of the rink in the city. She worked another circle and prepared for the fanciest tricks she had in her repertoire: a jump she couldn't remember the name of and a final spin. She was a little cold anyway, her skinny jeans weren't doing a lot to keep out the cold. It was probably time she went inside. The room should be warm and toasty now, perhaps her the neighbour would like to join her for some hot chocolate. She took herself off into another fast circle picking up enough speed to make her jump but just as her feet left the ice she heard a loud yell.
    “Don't jump!”
    Too late, she'd jumped and landed flat on her bottom. The ice rumbled beneath her. She wasn't sure what to do. She could hear the ice crack before she could actually see it. She looked around desperately hoping Matt would know what to do.
    “Sit still.” he said gruffly. “And don't panic.”
    “That's easy for you to say.” Suddenly there was the end of the rope beside her.
    “Concentrate on doing as you're told. Tie that around your waist.”
    She tied a double knot around her waist. “Like this?” she asked. She would have liked to have pointed out that she didn't have to do as she was told anymore but at the moment it appeared that she did.
    She started to stand.
    “No. Don't stand.” He held up a hand. “On your hands and knees and keep your skates off the ice. I'll help pull you.”


    Ginny had to admit, even though her rescuer was glaring at her, she was mighty glad to see him and the edge of the ice.
    “Thanks for that.” she said with what she hoped was a warming smile.
    “What were you thinking?” he said helping her to stand and untying the rope. “You could have fallen through that cracked ice and drowned before anyone even knew you'd moved in.”
    “I was just excited about skating on my lake.”
    Matthew shook his head. “You're not even wearing enough clothes. Inside.” He turned her sideways and pelted her bottom with several hard spanks.
    Before Ginny could react she was swallowed up in the large man's arms as he stomped his way to her front steps. “I could walk.” she said feebly.
    “Hush.” He opened the door with one hand and shouldered his way in. “You need to get warm. This place is freezing.”
    “I lit a fire before I went out.”
    “One log.”
    “Well, I had an electric fire in my apartment.” Ginny tried to look like the woman of the world that she was. That was hard when you were trying to pull your wet underwear out of your butt discretely.
    “Might be better if you got yourself one here too but you should know how to set a fire. Go take those clothes off and have a shower while I build up the fire.”
    “Aye aye Skipper.” she said saluting. “Didn't realise you were in charge.”
    Matthew narrowed his eyes. “The only thing that's stopping me from properly paddling your sassy ass is the fact that at the moment you wouldn't feel it.”
    “Didn't stop you before.”
    “That was a few smacks for my own satisfaction. Wait until your thawed out then I'm going to teach you a lesson about listening. You scared the hell out of me. I told you to stop but you continued to put on your own personal show. Don't think I don't know that you were trying to get my attention.”
    “You can't talk to me like that. Don't you know who I am?”
    “I have a pretty good idea. You're a spoiled brat from the city with no common sense and even less manners. Go take a shower.”
    Ginny stood there shivering trying to find words to put this arrogant man in his place but when he took a step towards her she ran.


    Ginny wished she'd taken some clothes or pyjamas into the bathroom with her. She stood under the hot water until she could feel it starting to lose heat; then she had no option but to ask for help.
    “Matthew I don't have a towel.” She hid behind the shower curtain when she heard the door open. Matthew slipped a couple of towels over the rail silently.

    “I just need to get dressed.” the embarrassed young woman said as she crept out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
    “I'll be waiting.” Matthew added quietly.

    Ginny came back out of the bedroom a few minutes later dressed. The room was now flooded with heat and not all of it was coming from the fire. Her neighbour had shrugged off his own wet things and was sitting in a pair of worn jeans and a sweater. Her attraction to him just tripled despite the fact he still had that firm look in his eyes.
    “Am I forgiven?” she asked.
    “Hmm. Not yet. I'm not angry with you but I still think you deserve a spanking.”
    Ginny couldn't help but look a little startled. Nobody had ever spanked her before. “Even if you were my boyfriend and I believed that spanking a grown woman was ok, I don't see how I deserve one.”
    “I mentioned to you when we met about measuring the ice before going on it.”
    “Oh that. I didn't know you were serious. How am I supposed to know how to measure the ice?”
    “You're not until I show you or do it for you, but when someone who knows better than you tells you to stop. You stop.”
    “I thought, I hoped you were flirting with me.”
    “Oh. Not that I wouldn't have happily flirted with you if I didn't think you were about to plunge into freezing ice. Which reminds me.”
    Ginny gasped as she was unceremoniously tipped over Matthew's hard knees. “Wait! I didn't say I would agree to this.”
    “I don't believe I asked you.”
    Ginny had never felt anything like that first sharp smack but before she had a chance to process it another burst across the other cheek. “Please Matthew that hurts!”
    “Good then you're obviously all thawed out now.”
    Ginny kicked and squealed as the spanks came hard and fast. When she helped herself to a handful of the tender flesh on Matthew's inner thigh, her pants went south and she was rewarded with a generous splattering of spanks on her now naked behind.
    “You can't!” she shouted.
    “I just did!”


    Matthew loved watching as the skin coloured under his hand; as the soft trembling cheeks flattened with every spank. When she finally burst into tears he couldn't help himself. He stopped spanking and bent to kiss each red cheek. He helped her to stand and pulled her into his arms.
    “I'm sorry Matt.” she said as she cried into his sweater. “I'll listen next time.”
    Matthew kissed her softly. “I do know who you are,”
    “My mother watches your show everyday.”
    “My show?”
    “Yes Beth, your show.”
    “I don't want to be Beth here.”
    “Good because I'd like to get to know Ginny better.”
    “So would I.”


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My question is: What is your favourite thing to do in winter?

Don't forget to visit all the other participants.

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  1. Loved the story, Constance. LOL, He must have smacked hard for her underwear to creep. My fav thing to do in the Winter is stay inside til the Spring!!

  2. Skating on Thin Ice!!! Good story!! I love staying inside watching it snow!! Snow is beautiful, I just hate the cold!!

  3. Lovely little story, Constance - thank you! I do like a happy ending, lol :D

    What do I like to do best in winter? Nothing strenuous... the day I snowboard is the day pigs fly. I like to be snug in my nest, cuddled up and cosy: must be part cat or something. Being snug indoors when it's cold outside makes it seem all the nicer somehow. I totally get where hibernating creatures are coming from <3

  4. Nice story, Constance. Matthew would never have to spank me, because I'd be inside by the fire.

  5. Excellent story! Love to see realization dawn on a brat, especially one that's not really bad, just not thinking. As for me I love to curl up near my fire and write the day away.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Loved the story wish it were longer. I like to cuddle with someone special!

  8. Great story. I love to ride horses in the winter. It is too hot in the summer to really enjoy it. Thanks

  9. Love the story! She was not too smart...or was she?
    My favorite thing to do is to watch the snow fall, while curled up with a book!

  10. I hope to hear the rest of their story. I'm not really a winter person so I like to stay inside.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. like to watch movies

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  13. What a way to meet a new neighbor! Cold weather is great for reading! ghwasd at gmail dot com

  14. I loved this story! The dialog between Ginny and Matt was spot on! Thank you for sharing this story! I am one of the rare people that does not mind the cold weather, I really like to put on my Ipod and walk to this frozen pond near my house. I usually just sit there and ponder about whatever is on my mind. I guess that would be my favorite thing to do in the winter time.

  15. Fun story Constance...she is a spoiled brat isn't she..."Don't you know who I am?" Pfft! ;) What is my favorite thing to do in the winter? Stay warm! LOL Curl up in a quilt with a mug of hot spiced cider and read. ;)

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  16. Loved the story, Constance. I especially loved that Matthew did know exactly who she was but he didn't let that stop him, she was reckless and he took her to task. Now, any chance he could be let loose on Ginnie's mother? :)

    Favourite thing to do in winter is to stay cozy in front of a warm fire but sadly braving the elements is always necessary.

  17. My favorite thing to do in the winter is watch sappy Christmas movies

  18. Wonderful story - love watching ice skating. It's so beautiful.

  19. "Danger is my middle name" -- or that's what she ought to say. LOL Silly girl. Fun story, Constance. Favorite thing to do in winter: watch the snow come down. The more the better (unless I have to go outside).

  20. Such a cute story would love to read more! My favorite thing to do in winter is have a snowball fight with my family and I also enjoy snuggling on the sofa with a warm blanket and a good book! Thanks for sharing your story and have a good day!

  21. great story, Constance. yeah, I'm afraid, like Ginny, I'd have to listen to someone who knows better about being out in the country.
    coffee- drinking coffee inside a warm house in my armchair. although atm it's so cold in Michigan that my heater is struggling to keep up :(

  22. My favorite thing? Cuddle up on the couch with a hot story, my little dog and a nice cup of tea!

  23. Great story I hope we see these characters again. I'm pretty much doing one of my most favorite things which is snuggling under the covers and be titilated while I read. Yea me!

  24. I loved the story. My favorite thing to do in the winter is fly south and get away from the cold, but if I can't I like to curl up with a fleece blanket and a good book!


  25. I love a cabin equipped with a sexy neighbor! Matt sounds like a hottie.

    I hate the winter, so my favorite thing to do is cuddle up and read!

  26. Matt sounds like the perfect match for the newly independent Ginny. In winter, if I HAVE to go outside, I like to walk in the woods. I like the starkness of the landscape and the sharpness of the air….and then I start coughing:)

  27. Go to a hockey game!

  28. My favorite thing to do in winter is head for warm weather!

  29. Great story, Connie. I can tell that there's going to be a lot of fireworks around these two as they get to know each other better. Matt is a no-nonsense kind of guy. My favorite thing to do in winter is stay warm inside. I used to love to skate, but I was never good enough to try a jump. Anyway, I'm an indoor girl now.

    Thanks for the story.

  30. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to hit the beach with my hubby...It's cool and nearly deserted (all the tourists are gone!) and just inspiring.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  31. Fun story, really liked it. Favorite thing in winter...stay inside where it's warm with hot cocoa and a book!

    tammyfari1966 at gmaildotcom

  32. Loved the story, Constance! My fav thing in winter is staying indoors LOL...I'm not a fan of the cold. authorsuelyndon at

  33. Oh I do hope there will be more to this!!

    I agree with Sue, my favorite winter pastime is to stay in my warm cozy office and look out the windows at the snow and my bird feeder.

  34. I loved this story!! I have always loved the name Matthew too! This was the best! My favorite thing about winter is being snowed in with my family. I also love to snuggle up with a good book, a warm drink, and hubby nearby.

  35. Nothing I like better than staying warm with a good book
    Lburger1908 at gmail dot com

  36. Great story Constance - oh and those hats are so cute!! LOL

    In the winter I like doing lots of things but right now I'm eating the head off my chocolate Santa :)

  37. Great story!
    Snuggling on the couch with my dogs, in my fleece pjs is one of my favorite winter things :)

  38. Nice story! I like to read a good book by the fire.

  39. Favorite thing in winter....staying dry and warm. ed

  40. Fun story, Constance. I loved the happy ending too!!

    After playing for a few minutes in the snow, I like to go back inside and snuggle up in my warm fluffy blankets :)
    Katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  41. Really enjoyed this story Constance! I love to watch figure skating. I remember when the Winter Olympics were on TV when I was a kid, I'd always be inspired to pretend I was a figure skater by sliding around in my socks on the wooden-floor of our dining room -- the rest of our house was carpeted -- until my Mom screamed at me to stop because she was worried I'd scratch the floor. I went ice skating one time with a group of friends when I was eleven. I fell and busted my butt five times in 15 minutes before giving up.
    As far as your question is concerned, despite my love of watching ice hockey and figure skating, my favorite thing to do during winter is to wish it was summer. Not much of a cold weather person.
    Once again, good story!

  42. Loved the title as well as the story. My favorite thing to do in the winter is snuggle with DH!

  43. My favorite thing is anything warm, especially curled up with my snuggly blankie near the fire.

  44. My favorite thing is watching the first snow fall. Its always so beautiful! I also like going outside and playing with my dogs. They have a field day in the snow! lol Thank you for sharing! I liked the story!!

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