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Friday, September 13, 2013

Come and join us for some Saturday Spanking Snippets!

Good morning everyone and welcome to Saturday Spankings. Today is the last day that I’m going to share an excerpt from His Firm Guidance for a while but for this week I’m continuing from where we left off last week. Whitney was about to get her mouth soaped! Sorry if I went over a couple of sentences Mistress Kathryn. I did try to cut it down as much as I could  :)

       “Yes.” He unwrapped the bar as quickly as he could and poured some of the water from the bottle over it to make it wet. “Open.”

       “Mm, mm.” Whitney shook her head vigorously and mumbled through tight lips until he smacked her bottom hard.

       “I said open.” The look he gave her brooked no more argument.

       Her bottom was still stinging and she felt she had no choice so she opened her mouth just a little.


      Her eyes pleaded with him but the only answer she got was a raised eye brow an as soon as her mouth was open wide enough he poked the soap in making her cough and splutter. “That's terr.terr..ible.” She choked.

     “You wouldn't expect it taste good Honey would you? That's what happens to naughty girls with a nasty mouth.” He continued to push the soap in and out of her mouth until it was thoroughly soaped, ignoring her dramatic protests. He took her hand and sat back on the quilt, taking her with him.

     She could hear the bag rattling and she panicked, rearing up and trying to climb off his knee but she was held tight. “No, I don't want that thing.” She said around her soapy mouth.

     “Hush.” The brush clapped off her already sore bottom making her squeal.

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