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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lucy Appleby Is On My Blog Today!

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to the multi talented Lucy Appleby! Welcome Lucy!

Hi Constance

Thank you for inviting me – I'm delighted to be here. :)

What got me interested in writing?

It goes way back. I was always scribbling down stories as a kid, and just before I went to University I sent off a manuscript to two publishers. The first one rejected it and the second one did too! But the good news was that they commissioned me to write for their list. So over the years I've had seven books for children published, and later on in life came eight business books and two scientific and technical reports – all of these from mainstream publishers, and all hard copy.

That's all very well, but what about the spanky stuff?! I began writing spanking stories around 2000 and I've been writing them ever since!

Some of your readers might know me by the handle flopsybunny (cute, eh?) but I decided to use a different name for my commercial works. I write general spanking stories/novella's as Lucy Appleby and I also use the pen name Abigail Armani for my more romantic titles. I currently have 28 ebooks by Lucy Appleby (M/F and F/M orientations) and 6 by Abigail Armani (all M/F).

Recent Releases

The Bad Boy story Book was so popular I decided to bring out another volume. Volume 2 was released in August, and is packed with F/M stories. A huge thank you to my talented friend RedRump for his cover artwork.

Prior to that comes another title for F/M lovers. Horrible Aunt Harriet & her Nephew is a humorous rite-of-passage story between a misbehaving nephew and his strict aunt. Aunt Harriet is a real character. She isn't based on anyone I know, but I have her in my head and I know that underneath the strict exterior she's a pussycat!

A more sexy, sultry tale is The Postmistress and the Gardener, which tells of a developing relationship between the dominant post mistress Vanessa Pascal, and a handsome hunk of a gardener who eagerly submits as he learns new and darkly decadent pleasures. The cover is amazing – a huge thank you to the Goddess Sophia for allowing me to use her stunning image.

Personal Favourites

The Beachcomber's Love is definitely a favourite. It is a romance, set on the east coast of England around the picturesque Robin Hood's Bay and Runswick Bay. I never get tired of visiting those places and once spent a week in a little cottage in Robin Hood's Bay.

I'm also quite taken with The Suitcase Man. Anyone looking for a hot romance will enjoy the delicious charms of The Suitcase Man, who finds his way inside the heads of countless women to unearth their secret fantasies … which he then seeks to fulfil! Ohhhhh … yum!

I love pigs! I really do! Muriel and the Pig! is a tale to show the fun side of spanking. Muriel persuades her husband to let her have one of those sweet little miniature tea-cup sized piggies as a pet. They are very expensive though, so she spends the pig money on new clothes and uses what's left to buy a much cheaper pig – which grows to be absolutely enormous and eats everything in sight! It goes without saying that Muriel gets a spanking!

My Cowboy Collection

I love cowboys even more than pigs! I created (as Abigail Armani) the Love on a Ranch series. There are three titles so far and more planned – all featuring big strong sexy cowboys and their women. The first book in the series is The Texas Rancher and the English Rose. Alpha male Hank Armstrong meets Rose while he is on vacation in England and the two fall madly in love … though their relationship isn't without obstacles.

The second book in this series is My Texas Cowboy. Here we have Rose, now engaged to Hank, and staying at the Armstrong ranch in Texas. But someone conspires to keep the two apart ... 

The Cattle Rustler's Bride is next. It tells the story of Cindy, who has come to Texas for the wedding of Rose and Hank. While the happy couple are away on honeymoon, Cindy has adventures, romance and intrigue of her own, fuelled by the enigmatic cowboy Luke Daniels. However, it seems Luke has a secret that Cindy is determined to reveal …

Coming Soon

There are three new titles from Lucy Appleby: The Spanking Tent; The Housekeeper; and Amanda and the Policeman. (I have a thing about a man in uniform;) All of these will be released during the next few weeks. There are two forthcoming books from Abigail Armani - Country Loving; and Tales of Discipline with Love.

 Plus in collaboration with Geraldine Hillis, Angela Stone and J Wackford Colton is The Curiosity Shop (which has just been released)

Country Loving

This is a romantic and fun tale about Dotty and Grant, and here is a little taster. I hope you like it!

Grant stared icily at this strange rambling woman on his doorstep, wondering how he could possibly get rid of her.

"George isn't a person," she explained. "Fancy you thinking he was! Though I'm convinced he thinks he is a real person at times! George is a rooster. And he's gone missing, the bad boy."

"What - a bloody chicken?!"

"He most certainly isn't a chicken. He's a rooster. He used to come down here on visits, when Mr Palmer lived here. They were very good friends."

"Look, I'm sorry, but I haven't seen a rooster round here. I..."

"Ssssssh - listen. I hear him! George!" called Dotty. "Come on, Georgie! Chuck chuck chuck."

To Grant's amazement, an answering call sounded from his back garden. Blasted rooster! It had better not be digging up my vegetable plot, he thought as he opened a small side gate that led round the back of the house. Dotty followed him, clucking madly. The woman was clearly nuts. And there, rootling about in the flower beds, trampling on the dahlias, was George. Grant stared at George. George stared back and waved his russet tail feathers. There was a look of murderous intent in his beady little eyes. He suddenly lunged forward and pecked Grant on the ankle.

"OW! Bastard bird!" yelled Grant, rubbing his ankle.

"It's only a little nip. You'll be fine," said Dotty.

"Only a little nip? Darn animal almost had my bloody leg off," snarled Grant. "Let me get my hands on it - I'll throttle it then casserole it."

"Throttle and casserole my George?! I don't think so," huffed Dotty. "You obviously don't know anything about roosters. He's only being friendly."

"Oh I see - friendly, is he? So what's this nasty red stuff trickling into my sock?"

"It's just a little drop of blood. Don't be a baby," said Dotty dismissively. She stooped down and began crawling on her hands and knees, clucking and cajoling the rooster.

Grant was about to let fly with a torrent of abuse, but at the sight of the well proportioned bottom swaying and wobbling about in front of his eyes, the words dried up in his throat. It was almost a year since he had spanked a bottom, and the one jiggling before him presented a very tempting target. His palm began to itch.

Work in Progress I have a huge list! It's all a bit daunting, but can also be fun and rewarding. And, since my partner and I set up LSF Publications in January this year, we have released 150 books with another 25 or so scheduled for release over the coming weeks – so life is very busy indeed!

Thanks so much Constance for letting me share these bits and pieces with you and your readers. I really appreciate it.

Lucy Appleby, August 2013

Thank YOU Lucy, I loved having you! Please come back anytime :)

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  1. I have read many of this writer's great stories. They are humorous, very romantic, well written, and just beautiful stories that I have ever read. I know her by the name of flopsybunny, but hope to get to know Abigail Armanti and Lucy Applby real well soon. Thanks for allowng me to get to know more about this great author.


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