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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Spankings Time !!!

Hi! Time again for Saturday spankings. I'm sorry if I didn't get to everyone last week. I had some family dramas and I just gave up in the end. This week I'll make a better effort. 

Today I'm sharing a piece of Leading The Way again.

In this short piece, Erin, Jen, Sienna and Carol have gone to a bar for a quick bite and a few drinks after their token bowling game. They meet up with a young bride-to-be who invites them to join her bachelorette party. Carol is not impressed. As a matter of interest, Carol and her girlfriend Crystal, are the main characters in my next Corbin's Bend book, my first ever F/F novella The One She LOVES.

“There’s lunch and there’s gonna be a male stripper show after.”
“Great,” Carol said with a smile that was just a bit fake.
“Why don’t we take a vote?” Sienna asked.
“Oh, cuz that would be fair,” Carol said. “The three of you with your tongues hanging out and one non plussed les girl who also can’t drink because she has to drive.”
“You wouldn’t be saying that if they were girl strippers,” Jen teased.
“I’m very happy with the woman I have, thank you very much,” Carol said, poking out her tongue. 


Zachary Cunningham moved his family to Corbin's Bend when everything in their life seemed out of control. In a DD relationship with his wife Erin, he thought things had leveled out now that they lived in a community where everyone watched out for one another and discipline was the norm. Surely his family life could be more settled now.

Erin had never made friends easily and in Corbin's Bend she found it doubly as hard. A little too hard on herself, she ignored her mentor and any friendliness from neighbors; so afraid of making a mistake that she didn't try. Until her husband insisted. Having convinced herself she was doing what he wanted, she made friends with a few ladies who liked to push the envelope a little. From bowling to a strip club to smoking a little weed, her life was definitely a lot more fun, even if she was hiding her activities from Zach.

When her husband and the board of Corbin's Bend discovered their indiscretions, Erin and her friends found out what public discipline really meant. When the discipline led to a larger sense of security and more friendships than she could have imagined, Erin began to understand that following Zachary's lead truly was the way.





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  1. Corbin's Bend is definitely the place to be.

  2. Ooh, I love that scene! And boy does Carole get her own back. I finished this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to Carole and Crystals story

    1. Thanks Tara! Glad you liked it. I'm looking forward to His Forever Summer too :)

  3. Read this on vacations! Great book, you did a wonderful job!

  4. I love where Carol takes them next. And can hardly wait for Carol's story. It's gonna be epic :)


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