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Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday Spankings!

This is slightly longer than eight sentences but that’s just because this is the last excerpt from The Grass Could Be Greener so I hope none of you mind, especially you Mistress Blake.  I didn’t want to break this scene. It was one of my favourites to write. This scene follows on from last week where Sarah  was remembering a time when Joe helped her to feel better when her self esteem was low. After splattering her bottom with another round of smacks he leads her over to the mirror to show her why he finds her beautiful.

Positioned in front of the mirror with Joe behind her, Sarah did her best to look atherself, but it wasn’t easy. She smiled when he ran both hands down her shiny locks.

“I love your hair,” he said, pulling his fingertips down a long strand, straightening the curl as he went until finally he came to the ends just above her warm just spanked bottom.

The adoring treatment of her hair with the loving look he gave her melted her enough that when his hands move back up to her face she was relaxed enough to listen.

“These tiny creases here and here?” he said, touching the small lines near her eyes and mouth with a feather-like touch, “are there because you smile. A lot. You smile at your children when you’re teaching them, when you’re listening to them and laughing.”

“Oh Joe,” she said, but the hands had moved down her neck and settled to cup each breast.

“I love these breasts. Warm and full. I love the way your nipples still harden like this,” He pinched the hardened nubs lightly. “when you’re aroused.”
“Joe!” she said, blushing furiously.

He smiled widely. “I love that you still flush with embarrassment at the slightest little thing.” His hands trailed down her belly, stopping to cradle her soft flesh. “This is where our babies grew, safe and warm in their mother’s body. You grew four whole human beings in here.”

“They’re not in there anymore, Joe,” she said, jumping as his hand clapped off her bottom renewing the sting that had just started to fade.

“I love to feel your curves,” he said, the tips of his fingers gliding from the gentle swell of her belly to tug at the neat line of curls on the delicate skin of her mons. He parted her lips and his fingers dipped inside her. “And this, always so wet and welcoming.”

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