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Monday, August 12, 2013

Co Authors of The Journal, Liv Honeywell and Domitri Xavier are on my blog today. Come and meet them!

Today I'm happy to have with me Liv Honeywell and Domitri Xavier, the hot BDSM co authors of The Journal. Welcome guys!

Thank you, Constance. We’re really happy to be here and thank you for having us .

Back Cover Copy:

“Come to my study at eight o’clock sharp. Dress for dinner. Wear high heels and put on that dress – you know what I expect of you.”
When the order comes Livia is torn between anticipation and dread.
Does he know? How could he possibly know what she has done? And how can she find the words and the courage to tell him?
As eight o’clock edges ever nearer, Livia waits outside the study door, trembling; uncertain of what she will find when she comes face to face with her Master.
If he knows… If he does, there will be consequences. There is no doubt about that.
What will be the price for her moment of disobedience?
Available from Amazon US - and Amazon UK -

I'm curious about how you got started. Who had the first idea for this story?

Domitri: Liv and I met about 12 years ago but most of that time I wasn't aware that she was a writer. About a year ago, Liv contacted me with the idea of writing something together and I responded with the first chapter of the book. For various reasons almost a year went by before we got down to it seriously. In general, during the writing process, I was very keen to move the story on and equally excited to read Liv's responses (as she, of course, was to read mine!).
The idea was mine, the plot shifts were mine, and all Liv had to do was react. And how beautifully she did.

Liv: Good gracious, is something wrong? Are you feeling quite well? That was an actual compliment you just gave me. And a relatively long, proper answer. Who are you, and what have you done with Domitri?

Domitri: Liv, I am surprised that you should remark upon my beneficence and generosity with my time. I'm absolutely known for it. Please keep your answers short. I'm sure nobody is very interested in what you have to say.

Liv: Ah, there we go. Back to normal!
There’s not really a lot to add to that. Once I got Domitri’s first section he told me that he wanted me to write the same section from the slave’s point of view, and that was it really. We were off and running.

Is there much conflict when you're writing with someone else?

Domitri: No. She just does as she's told.
Again, since I was the one propelling the plot and knew what that would be all along, it was Liv’s frankly more difficult job, to respond to each twist and turn. We respect each other's writing and even when we were proof reading for the tenth time, there were never any cross words exchanged between us.

Liv: I always do as I’m told. I’m a good girl, practically angelic. I have to be to put up with him!
No, seriously, writing with Domitri was an absolute pleasure. I did find writing some of the story difficult and had to really think about it, but then again, Domitri was the one who had to worry about the plot and where it was going. The whole thing just seemed to flow from start to finish, and Domitri is right, we never had any disagreements at all. Fingers crossed that the next one in the series is the same.

Domitri: Yes, on mature reflection, it was much more difficult for me.

Who has the final say on a scene if you DON'T agree?

Domitri: I wonder if you can possibly imagine who that might be.

Liv: I’m saying nothing!

That may have been a silly question...
On the other side of the scale, I would imagine if you hit a patch of writer's block it would be good to have someone to bounce off. Do YOU find that?

Domitri: Yes. I don't think I did have writer’s block. Liv reading out loud to me her responses gave her a voice for the character which made it easier for me to take control of the situation.
It's a very interesting question, and you should congratulate yourself for asking it.

Why thank you Dimitri!

Liv: Domitri, how patronising can you be?

Domitri: That’s not being patronising. Little ladies deserve a pat on the head when they’ve done something well.

Liv: I do apologise for him, Constance. Anyway, back to the question. I never had writer’s block while we were writing The Journal. Some of the situations Domitri presented me with almost forced a response out of me. I reacted instinctively and then poured it onto the page. And the way he controlled everything, I actually felt submissive and that gave me so much to do with it all, so much to react to. That’s why I didn't get writer's block. And the only thing I had to do was respond. I didn’t have to worry at all about the plot or think what came next. It wasn’t up to me.

Domitri has helped me a lot though, if I’ve had writer’s block when working on other stories or guest posts, so having someone to throw ideas around with is definitely a good thing.

Domitri: Good girl.

Did you write much of yourself into your characters?

Domitri: Some. In the book the slave takes a peek at my private journal. For me, as a Master, this would mean that the slave, after having been given a chance to explain herself, would almost certainly have been dismissed from my service. I have unbend-able rules and if they are broken, the cost is very high. These rules are not random but very carefully thought out to test the obedience of my slave. If they are broken, then the trust has gone and the relationship would be at an end.

Liv: I had to do a lot of thinking about how I would react to some of the situations in the book before I could write as the slave, so to some extent I did, yes.

So apart from the obvious BDSM elements, would you say there was a little humour in your story?

Domitri: Not on this occasion, no. I do write a lot of light comedy but this certainly doesn't fall into that category. A serious incident had taken place and that needed to be reflected in the writing. My character had to control his rage at what had happened... No good Master delivers punishment in anger.

Liv: I love comedy but, like Domitri said, this is really quite a serious book. The slave has done something absolutely forbidden and her Master wants the truth. He actually says; “I want to ask you something. If you lie to me or try to hide the truth even a little, we're done, okay? We will be over.” I know how that made me feel when I read it in the first draft and that really does leave little room for humour. That’s not (or certainly shouldn’t be) an often trotted out threat. If he feels he’s got to say something like that, she really is in the deepest trouble she could possibly be in. She is, of course, going to tell the truth because of the situation but also because she is a very honest person and she wouldn’t lie to him anyway; but no matter what she says in reply, no matter what reasons or justification she thinks she had, they both know she’s going to be thoroughly punished for what she has done. The Journal couldn’t be described as a humorous book, though it does lighten at the end. That doesn’t mean none of the others in the series will have any humour though.

What's next for you two?

Domitri: Ah! We are writing a series of books with the generic title, Her Master’s Voice. Each will take as its starting point, one of the poems already published on, and the next one is to be set to the poem Shreds. By all means take a look for yourself.

Liv: Yes, Domitri writes such beautiful poetry. We were almost done with the first draft of The Journal and I realised the story line was quite similar to one of his poems, so I suggested we print it at the start of the book. Then I had the idea to write a series of books either based on or inspired by his poems, and he came up with the series title.

Ok I usually ask people four quick questions so we can get to know you. Want to play?

Domitri: Oh I think we can do that.

What's your favourite food?

Domitri: Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, and for dessert, Waitrose white chocolate tiramisu, licked from the back of my personal assistant, Fifi de Manique.

Liv: Oh you want me to pick only one? Well I wouldn’t complain if presented with what Domitri mentioned – not that he ever lets me get anywhere near the white chocolate tiramisu, you understand! I love Italian food too and my favourite is something I make occasionally – chicken and bacon pasta with sunblush tomatoes and green pesto. Yummm. For dessert? After that it would have to be something light, so probably blueberry cheesecake.

Domitri: My God, you do go on.

Who would you pick to play you in a movie?

Domitri: Meryl Streep

Liv: *Looks at Domitri* Ah yes, I can see the obvious resemblance. For me, Alex Kingston because of the hair, and apparently, I look like her too.

If you could live anywhere on earth where would that be?

Domitri: A gentleman’s home is his castle. He has no business living anywhere else.

Liv: I’d love to live near the sea somewhere so I could walk on the beach every day.

Lastly, do you have an excerpt from The Journal you'd like to share with us?

We certainly do. Here’s a little from near the beginning of the book:
"Look at me."
The words I had been half hoping for, half dreading. Would he be able to tell what I was thinking? I opened my eyes and looked up at him, letting him see how vulnerable I was before him and how much I wanted to please him. The expression on his face almost stopped my breath. There was so much love in his eyes, such emotion, and I swallowed against the lump in my throat and blinked back tears of joy mixed sickeningly with guilt. How very much I loved this man, and what I had done to him…
He swept me into his arms and kissed me hard, his hands roaming my body again. Our tongues tangled; his determinedly invading my mouth, mine softly yielding to his touch. I leaned against him, wishing that I could hold him too. I pressed my body against his, wanting to show him how much he meant to me, hoping that would be enough.
He broke the kiss and moved slightly, his hand slipping between our bodies to tease me between my legs again. I was soaking wet. How could I be otherwise? He did not even need to touch me to provoke this reaction. When we were together, his presence was enough and, when apart, just the thought of him was all I needed. My body was not mine any more. It responded to him, ached for him, whether I would wish it or not. I could deny him nothing.
He lifted his hand to my mouth; his fingers wet, and gently painted my lips with my own juices. I tasted my arousal on my tongue but would have no more dared to wipe it away, than I would think to say ‘no’ to him. I stood with my mouth open, my juices trickling down my chin, awaiting his pleasure.
He pressed his fingers further into my mouth, probing deeply and I tried to relax, to let him penetrate where he would, but I choked as his finger reached the back of my mouth. “No,” he yelled and I shrank back, mortified that I had not been able to give him what he required of me. I hurried to open my mouth again, concentrating hard on relaxing my throat, and this time I was fully open to him.
He removed his hand from my mouth and lifted my dress, stroking and exploring my breasts. I licked his fingers when asked and he circled my nipples so lightly and tenderly that it was almost difficult to believe that he could ever hurt me.
His touch on my breasts roughened and he gripped them tightly, crushing my nipples. I closed my eyes, torn once again between pain and pleasure; so aroused it was close to unbearable. My knees weakened and I leaned against him, my head resting against his shoulder. I could feel the hard length of his cock pressing against my hip and I moved just a little against it, hoping, despite what I’d done, that this time he would use my body; that I would feel him deep inside me.

Wow that was hot! I don't know about everyone else but I can't wait to read more. Thank you so much for visiting with me today. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I know I did!

Liv: Oh we did! We had such a lot of fun answering the questions. You even managed to get Mr Grumpypants in a good mood! Thank you for having us.

Domitri: My dear Constance, it has been a pleasure to answer such intelligent and searching questions.

Thank you Domitri! You're both very welcome. I hope you'll come back and visit when the next book in your series comes out. I'd love to hear all about it. 

Author Bios:
Liv Honeywell:
When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, baking, eating the results of said baking, and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!). My first story, Imagine, was published with Silver Moon Books last year and Coming, Ready or Not! is my first solo book. The Journal is out now.

You can follow me on my blog -, Twitter -, Facebook -, Goodreads - and my Amazon page is here:

Domitri Xavier:
Domitri Xavier comes from a rich heritage, including Russia, France and Yorkshire. He is the quintessential English gentleman and lives alone in his cavernous mansion, Upton Abbey.
Domitri is not only a writer, composer, pianist, raconteur, wit and poet, he also enjoys a number of hobbies; he breeds Basset Hounds, plays chess (although he has yet to record a victory) and he is a renowned collector of used tea bags – Earl Grey, naturally.
He fills his remaining time writing erotic fiction, much of it based on his own lifestyle at the Abbey.
His poems have been published on Bitten Press’s website - and The Journal is his first book.

You can find Domitri on Facebook –, his Facebook friend page is, his blog is, his Goodreads page is and his Amazon page is

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