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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Spankings!

Hi everyone, happy Saturday! Today I'm going to share a different scene from Monkey Business. Next week I'll move on to share my latest Corbin's Bend story, The One She LOVES, my first F/F.

In this piece, Summer and Ben are a couple and Summer is about to get her very first bare spanking.

“You want me naked?” Oh lord, she didn't want the first time he saw her naked to be like this. 

“Yes. You're a grown up girl about to get a grown up spanking. I want you naked.”

Oh how she'd longed to hear those words, just not quite in that context. Her hands trembled against the hem of the shirt for a second. “Couldn't you do it for me?”

“No. I want you to do as you're told.” 

Summer took a deep breath, yanked the t-shirt over her head, practically threw herself over his knee, all the time trying to keep her legs together. A warm hand rested on her lower back and it calmed her a little, until his other hand tapped gently at each thigh. 

“Open them.” he said gently.


Summer receives the opportunity of a lifetime when she scores a placement in a volunteer program in a zoo.

Ben, as Summer’s mentor sees a bright and talented young woman who needs some structure and discipline.

Will Ben be able to help Summer reach her potential? Has Summer met her match?






In this excerpt, Summer is trying hard to get to work on time with her friend Poppy in tow, but things don't go according to plan...

          Summer couldn't believe that they actually managed to get out of the house on time. Early even. She'd had a weird feeling that something was going to go wrong although she couldn't quite put her finger on what exactly that was. Maybe that wasn't unusual considering she if it was going to happen it hadn't happened yet. 

          “What's wrong?” 

          “Nothing really, I guess, I don't know. I was so excited about today and now I just feel weird, like something's off.”

          “Um thanks, I love you too.”

          “I didn't mean you Pops. I can't explain it.” The words were no sooner out of her mouth when Summer heard a siren behind her.

          “Uh oh.” Poppy said. Did you just run a red light or something?”

          “No. I've been very careful.” Summer carefully pulled over and waited for the officer to come over to the car.

          He tapped on the closed window. “Open please.” His voice was muffled through the glass but she heard what he said and was quick to comply. 

          “Is there a problem Officer?” she asked with a shaky voice.           “Im afraid there is Miss. License and registration please.”           Summer opened the glove compartment and produced both. She'd been listening when she was told to keep her papers close. 

          “Step out of the car M'am.” he said.          

          “Why? I didn't do anything.” Summer wasn't trying to be difficult and her tone wasn't rude in anyway, she just didn't understand, she'd been careful.

           “Step. Out. Of. The car.” 

           “I don't think we're being punked here Sum,  you better do it.”                   

           “You can leave the vehicle too Miss.”  

           “Am I in trouble?” Summer asked. “I didn't do anything.”          

           “This time.  Miss you have unpaid fines, your license has been suspended.”           

            “Oh no! The fines. I completely forgot!”           

            “I'm sorry Miss, but I can't let you drive this car until you pay your fines and have your license reinstated.”           

             “But I have to. You don't understand! I have to get to work.”          

             “I'm sorry Miss, rules are rules.” 

             Summer burst into tears. “If you let me drive to work just this once I can pay the fines and I won't drive my car again until I know the payments clear.”                     

              “No driving.”           

              “Can I drive the car?” Poppy asked.           

             “Do you have your license?” Summer looked at Poppy hopefully. She was going to be late on the single most important day ever. Tears rolled down her face. Not because Ben was going to be angry, although he was going to be angry, that was for sure but she was more upset that she'd let him down. Ben, Cher and everyone else that got involved in something that had been her idea.

              “Well not on me exactly.” Poppy winced at Summer, rubbing her friend's arm to try and comfort her.  “I didn't think I was going to need it but I promise Officer I do have one.” 

              “You can't drive a car unless you have your license on you.”           

              “Ok, here's the thing. We have a problem. A big problem. We need to get to the zoo and we need to do it quickly,” Pops said.         

              “That's your problem Miss, not mine.” 

              Summer just cried harder.  Not only were they late but Pops was going to keep arguing with this highway patrol guy until he arrested them.  “Pops, it's ok.”            

             “No I know it doesn't have to be your problem but I know that you wouldn't have chosen this job if you didn't want to help people. I can see it in your face. You have kind eyes. Very blue.”          

             “I'll ask you to close up your car Miss. You can get someone to come and pick it up or you can have it towed.” he said ignoring Poppy's compliments.

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  1. Oh, Constance. I feel her pain. Getting naked for all the wrong reasons after fantasizing about the other reason. Poor girl.
    It's definitely another for my TBR. I think I will spend between now and Christmas doing nothing but reading!

    1. Thanks Tara! I think I may be spending a lot of time reading too. I'm looking forward to it. Think I'll give myself a couple of weeks break over Christmas :)

  2. Oh how very naughty! I hope that her spanking goes well! :-)

    1. Thanks Meredith for commenting. I'm sure it will :)

  3. lol not wanting to get naked in that situation :D lovely snippet

  4. She thought she was able to hide her nakedness over his lap---but making her spread her legs ruined that!!

    1. It sure did. Nothing like a little humiliation to kick off a spanking. Thanks Megan :)

  5. I can see what she's saying. Why not just no panties? (whines)

    This book looks so fun! Reminds me of some of the Disney movies from when I was growing up - except naughtier and with spankings of course!

    1. LOL at the Disney movies :) Thanks Normandie :)

  6. You're a total tease, Constance! :)

    1. I hope that's a good thing lol. Thanks S J :)

  7. Seems like a fun story! Adding to my Kindle.

  8. Oh, that was naughty, but yummy ;)

  9. Oh, poor girl, looks like she is in for it :)

  10. "Open them." Ooh, how two simple words can carry such weight, especially when said, gently. Great job.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

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