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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Spankings!!!

Here we are again for another week of Saturday Spankings. Today for my eight lines I'm going to share a snippet from my new Corbin's Bend novella Leading The Way

In this excerpt Erin has been asked to participate in a weekly bowling league. She dresses appropriately but when her friends arrive to pick her up, one of them suggest she might like to bring a change of clothes. 

“Am I too casual for bowling?” Erin asked. 
“No, sweetie, no!” Jen said. “But if we finish early we might see what else there is to do in Boulder.” 
“Sorry?” Did she just hear right? 
“Oh fuck it,” Jen said. “We only go bowling for one quick game and then we have a bit of fun.” 
“You lie about where you are?” Erin said. 
“No, we don’t lie. That’s why we play the one game. So if they ask did we have fun at bowling? We can answer honestly, yes, we did. Who won? Carol or Sienna. See? We’re not actually lying.” 


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  1. LOL, they are such troublemakers!
    Just started this book.
    Can't wait to watch the trouble unfold :)

  2. They are just so naughty!

  3. Love the reasoning. They should be politicians!

  4. They're like naughty teenagers! There is so much fun and mischief in that snippet. Reading it at the moment :)

  5. I think these ladies took lessons from Cassie. You can clearly tell the truth and lie your ass off at the same time.

  6. this was such a perfectly wonderful introduction to naughty fun :D


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