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Saturday, November 4, 2017

It's Saturday Spankings time again!

It's that time again. I love catching up with everyones snippets. Today I'm once again featuring my new book A Firm-Handed Man. In this snippet, Drew and Mikki are arguing and things go downhill fast...

“You can lose the cockiness, you smartass,” Mikki shouted as she spun to face him. Now she was angry, more so now that she could see the smugness in Drew’s eyes. “I know this isn’t funny! I was there!” Then it happened. She didn’t mean to do it, all she wanted was to get that look off Drew’s face but her hand, her whole arm really had a mind of its own. It happened so fast. Mikki stepped forward and swung her arm so hard that her hand connected with the side of Drew’s stubble-shadowed face, leaving a bright red imprint of her hand. Crap. Well, she achieved what she set out to do; the look was gone, replaced momentarily by a shocked expression that unfortunately didn’t last. He pursed his lips and advanced on her with purpose. The look on his face could only be described as determined.
“Oh, you have done it now,” he said.


After a night out with friends, twenty-five-year-old Mikala Black makes an extremely foolish decision that puts her in danger and ultimately results in her being left stranded by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. When her plight is finally noticed by the driver of a passing car, her rescuer turns out to be Andrew Weatherly, an old high school classmate.

Andrew is no longer the boy she remembers as her chemistry lab partner, however. He is a tall, handsome, confident man now, and it sets Mikala's heart racing when he scolds her for her reckless behavior. Despite her best efforts to respond to his lecture with nothing but indignation, Andrew's declaration that she is in need of a long, hard spanking leaves her intensely aroused.

Mikala has dreamed for years of finding a man who will not be afraid to take her in hand, and she cannot help wondering if Andrew would follow through on his threat. She soon learns the hard way that he will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly when she pushes him too far with her defiant attitude.

Over the coming weeks, a romance blossoms between them, and though Mikala often finds herself with a bright-red, sore bottom, being kept in line by a firm-handed man is everything she hoped it would be. But when the demands of Andrew's job put a strain on their relationship, will Mikala's over-the-top reaction end up tearing apart everything they've built together?

The snippet I have chosen today is from a scene where Andrew is driving Mikki home after he finds her stranded by the side of the road. She is explaining to him how she managed to be there in the middle of the night without her bag or shoes. 

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  1. I bet I know what his reaction will be and can't say she didn't ask for him to finally take her in hand. She demanded it. I'm loving all the snippets you've shared from this book, Connie.

  2. I believe she has made a serious mistake and she's about to find out.

    1. It certainly looks that way doesn't it? Thanks PK :)

  3. I hope Mikala knows when Drew says "You've done it now" it's time to run for cover. Great snippet!

  4. Oh dear. Someone is in trouble! Can't wait to see what happens next :)


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