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Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to Saturday Spankings!

It's good to be back. Sorry I haven't been contributing regularly like everyone else's this time of year my life's been crazy.
Today for my eight sentences I'd like to share some of my new Christmas novella A Hot Aussie Christmas. In this segment Emma and Toby are just starting to heat up their relationship.

“You're wearing way too many clothes.” He pushed her away enough to manoeuvre her in to standing on the step. Toby slipped his fingers into the edges of the thong and slid it down to her knees. “You're shaved.”

She nodded mutely and gasped as he pulled her close and planted a kiss on her soft mound. “Oh God.”

“Your skin is so soft.” He licked her just once, right in the cleft of her womanhood. Oh how he wanted to bury his face in there and taste her sweet juices. He pushed her back and stood himself. If this was to be their first time, she deserved it to more than a quick bang over the side of the spa.

“What's wrong?”

“Oh baby nothing. I just think we should take this inside. If your sure that is.”

“I'm sure.”


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  1. Ah...I think that's lovely Constance. Yes, take it inside...

  2. Such a nice character touch with him at the end and wanting it to be special.

  3. And just with that little snippet, I'm sure too!

  4. It wouldn't be right for her to say no after that kind of admiration. I say, inside it is! :)

  5. Clearly this is the first time Toby has seen Emma without her panties, so I suspect this is very early in their relationship. Just hopped over to Blushing to read the blurb and I want to know more. Toby seems perfect for Emma. He's sympathetic to a point and caring. Now, if he can only see past her troubled past to a happier future between them. Looking forward to finding out.

    1. OOps. I always forget about the blurb. Thanks for going looking for it Kathryn :)

  6. aww I love it, Constance. what a beautiful scene. How thoughtful he is


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