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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Look Who's visiting me today - Lucy Appleby!

Hi Lucy, welcome to my blog!

Delighted to have a spot on your blog, Constance. Thanks for having me here to give my latest Western an airing. I'm a sucker for a handsome cowboy and had great fun writing this period piece which contains romance, spankings, a feisty woman and a big hunky cowboy.

Mail Order Mary features the spirited Mary Ashton. Set in 1876, the story begins in Victorian England with Sir Henry Ashford informing Mary that he has arranged for her to marry the wealthy (and odious) Marquess of Stirling. Unhappy with her lot, she ponders her escape, and when the opportunity arises to take the place of Ruby Fairweather on board a steamship destined for America, she takes it, with the knowledge that Ruby had been corresponding with Isaiah Bean, a handsome young American man advertising for a wife. 

But on arriving in America, Mary's fortunes take a turn for the worse. She is robbed of all her money and has to sell her fine gowns to fund the remainder of her journey to Montana, where she will have to be reliant on the charity of Isaiah Bean. However, when she finally finds Isaiah, she is sorely disappointed. It is Nathan Miller who comes to her aid - a giant of a man with a kind heart and smouldering good looks. He takes her home to White Tail Ranch, and her life changes forever – and at this part the real fun starts, because Mary is not used to doing as she is told, and it isn't long before sparks fly between her and Nathan - and the big cowboy shows he is not averse to putting her over his knee for a spanking to help motivate her into behaving better. A complete novice at cooking and cleaning, Mary has several mishaps, and sorely tests Nathan's patience. But as time goes by, the attraction between Nathan and Mary grows. He saves her life and she his, and for the first time ever, Mary feels she belongs somewhere - and to someone.

Mail Order Mary is available from LSF Publications and Amazon.

Thanks for having me, Constance, and I wish you and your readers happy holidays, happy reading, and lots of good things for 2015. 

You're welcome to visit me any time Lucy :)


  1. Happy Holidays to you and yours also. This was a fun read and if you haven't already done so, don't hesitate to add it to your TBR list for the holidays. Mail Order Bride by Abigail Armani.

  2. I love Abigail Armani's stuff and really enjoyed this one, especially when Mary gets to the US and meets the cowboy guy. Wholesome and fun yet sexy too. Thx for sharing here.

  3. Hi Constance, thanks so much for having me on your blog. All I have to do now is get to work writing the next book ... or maybe I should tackle my ironing mountain first! All the best, Abigail, AKA Lucy Appleby

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  5. This was a fun read and if you haven't already done so, don't hesitate to add it to your TBR list for the holidays.

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